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Machinery manufacturing industry

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Cloud Industry Internet Manufacturing Industry MES solutions can help manufacturing companies achieve effective production and manufacturing management. Specifically:
First, the MES system realizes automation, visualization and transparent production management
In the process of production, the system can realize the visualization and transparency of production and management of manufacturing enterprises through real-time monitoring and tracking of production site and production dynamics. At the same time, the system can provide workers with accurate and clear work guidance in production operations according to production scheduling plans, and achieve transparent production through real-time production, material, product quality, operator, and time information collection, recording, and analysis.
Second, the MES system realizes the continuous improvement and improvement of production quality
The MES system implements the monitoring and tracking function, the early warning function, and the abnormal situation restriction function, and through the implementation of the production data feedback on the underlying SPC system, the system can help manufacturing companies to effectively control production operations, according to the early warning mechanism and the number of warnings. limit, We will solve the abnormal factors that affect production quality ahead of time, constantly solve the problems exposed in the production process, and achieve continuous improvement and improvement of production quality.
Third, the MES system achieves complete manufacturing traceability.
The MES system realizes the traceability of information in the entire life cycle of product production by monitoring and collecting real-time data on the production process of raw materials, products in progress, semi-finished products, and finished products on the production site, as well as production equipment and staff. Provide detailed data reference for the quality problems that may arise in production, out of storage, sales, sales, and production cost calculation, and provide a comprehensive and reliable data basis for solving problems and upper level decision-making.