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Metal melting industry

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It can provide engineering drive inverter, high-voltage inverter and high-voltage static reactive power generator and other products, provide stable and optimized power utilization and energy saving solutions for customers in the iron and steel metallurgical industry, purify the power grid, reduce power cost, and enhance the competitiveness of enterprises.
The entire cable system adopts network control, process control adopts industrial Ethernet, and the basic automation stage adopts Profibus-DP fieldbus. The entire rolling line uses Siemens S7-400 CPU control with up to 10 remote I/O stations to implement two-stage computer control. The process control level completes the speed setting of the entire line, the storage of the rolling sequence, the tracking of the whole line rolling parts, and the printing of reports; The basic automation stage completes the speed cascade control of the entire line, the microtension control of the thick, medium, and fine rolling, the shear control of the flying shears, and the control of the live sleeve.