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Environmental protection industry

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In the Environmental Protection water treatment industry, Tuofeng has the capabilities of environmental protection supervision, energy management, low-voltage electrical design and integration, on-site instrument design selection and construction, and control system design and implementation. Provide customers with intelligent water service solutions, desulphurization denitrifier power integration solutions, biopower generator power integration solutions. The company has long cooperated with many energy companies and implemented a large number of environmental protection projects, such as unit denitrification and transformation projects, biogas treatment control systems, and paper mill wastewater treatment self-control meter systems.
Based on Siemens products construction of the “wisdom water service” overall solution, the water plant as a whole, stable, reliable, energy-saving advanced process control, operation intelligent management and cost intelligent decision-making management throughout the entire life cycle.
Energy Management Based on the Integration of Instrument and Power
The whole plant integrated network platform is constructed with smart equipment such as PCS7, smart motor protector, inverter, and soft starter, and the energy consumption management and prediction analysis at the equipment level is conveniently realized on the basis of process monitoring.
Integrated design operation
The digital management platform COMOS seamlessly transmits engineering data with PCS7 and SIMIT to ensure that the design data is always consistent with the automation system, and can verify the design results in the digital simulation environment and conduct virtual trials.
Construction of 3D visual water plants, through the 2D-3D two-way interconnected navigation, water plant equipment(such as pumps, valves, etc.) intelligent operation management. Digital chemical plant technology is used to fundamentally solve the disadvantages of discrete management of plant equipment.
Integrated Waterworks Platform
PVSS is used to achieve urban water network monitoring and water Conservancy basin monitoring. PVSS is fully integrated with GIS systems, video video architecture independent of SCADA data, reports and browsers designed with EXCEL, and ultra-light mobile clients embedded with WEB technology.