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After-sales Exception Management System

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Provide pre-sale, post-sale, repair and complaint modules in response to cloud solutions proposed by equipment vendors and service providers

①Message Feedback: Quick Reminder, Quick Solution

By scanning the code to answer the equipment maintenance message. Supervise maintenance, replacement of spare parts and dispatch of maintenance personnel. Real-time communication and explanation. Take pictures when necessary to ask the key questions. Quick fix is the only mission statement. 


②Integrated WeChat sweep, simple configuration can be used

Login cloud use products, through WeChat sweep for repair feedback, no need to install additional software. Through the equipment QR code for repair, consultation feedback and assignment of things to prevent factory personnel flow caused by missing.


③Feedback information statistics: retention check, accurate statistics

Automatically collect feedback information for data statistics. Find out precisely which of the user’s most frequently reported repairs; which products have the most trouble; and how to make improvements.


④Document management: Integration of resources, one-click download.  

Integrate your enterprise-related resource files and place them in the background. Users can download their own needs according to the document products classified to a unified column, easy to manage and find. You can also locate the search. Find out

 exactly what you want in a massive product.


⑤Customer management: timely contact, timely communication

To enter the customer business card management, telephone, career information at a glance, timely communication with important customers.


⑥One-on-one exclusive service

After-sales management system with your own one-to-one service staff, real-time solution to your use problems, functional requirements, as well as a variety of product problems.