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Going From Reactive to Proactive

Wodte-Simple Software is committed to industrial data management

Equipment Exception Management System

The solution proposed for the maintenance of equipment for small and medium-sized industrial enterprises is easy to use

①Status statistics :Exceptions  · Report presentation

Through the number of inspection, maintenance status, maintenance issues statistics into graphic reports. Identify the core issues.

Quick, easy to query questions to view.


②Device status :Easy entry without losing details

Equipment can be batch operation, each equipment QR code can be generated in batches. reduce errors and save manpower.

Each device status has a different color distinction, showing the status that occurs where repairs are required. Blue is normal, green is running, red is stopped, orange is maintenance, grey is repair. Yellow is damaged.


③Inspection task execution:Special personnel, firm implementation

Each device is equipped with a special inspection personnel, in the time zone after the inspection of the upload operation status, inspection completed the picture, to ensure that the responsibility to the person.


④Maintenance plan management:Persist in the implementation · Avoid trouble

Set up maintenance plan cycle, select maintenance template to reduce loss during equipment production; reduce equipment repair frequency; reduce equipment repair cost; increase equipment service life.


⑤One-on-one service

Depending on the needs of the enterprise, relevant developers will be sent regularly to conduct on-site guidance. As well as the demand update according to the enterprise different demand, sends the research personnel to carry on the enterprise inspection. The project development can be realized on the base version according to the different running state function requirements of the enterprise equipment.