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Going From Reactive to Proactive

Wodte-Simple Software is committed to industrial data management

Quick Feedback Kanban System

Real-time and quick feedback on important issues in the plant and improvement of overall management efficiency.

①Kanban Cloud System:Factory status · Stick out a mile

eal-time presentation of plant status information, development of additional tasks plan.

The mission plan easily distinguishes by color whether or not it is being executed or overdue.

Page status is constantly converted to achieve multiple content presentation.

Cloud systems,convenient real-time update, real-time tracking.


②Multiple announcement templates available

The system can publish picture announcements, information announcements, abnormal notice rectification and other modes of announcements.

Increasing the number of templates to improve ease of use.


③Large screen management:Individual management  · Reduce errors

Separate preparation of each task

Make arrangement order, font size, refresh interval.

Each item is automatically archived after it is established.

It can be managed according to information.


④Statistics on issues :Statistics, accurate analysis

A circular chart is drawn by data statistics on the intensity of task execution.

According to the time, the person in charge, complete the task, and did not complete the task of click to view, convenient query.


⑤Operation query :Operating trace · Take in everything in a glance

Depending on the operator, you can check the details of the task to see the plan changes.

Can also be based on keywords, fuzzy query needs to view the content.


⑥Quick Feedback Kanban is a display board based on plant anomalies, equipment status issues, urgent pending issues, and important documentation issues. Keep scrolling to remind you of what is necessary. Can be used for docking device abnormal system, to achieve real-time display of device status, abnormal transmission of information.