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Going From Reactive to Proactive

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Production Exception Management System

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1.Focus on abnormal information management, get through informational thrombosis

2.Reducing the frequency of anomalies

3.Reducing the degree of abnormal effects

4.Reducing the duration of the anomaly


①Triggering Lamps through Mobile Devices: More Flexible, More Variety

Through the mobile phone, mobile plate to trigger the lamp, improve the traditional lamp use of mechanical button restrictions, can have a variety of lamp type settings, and easy to transmit abnormal messages.

②Warning of exception information step by step: customized scheduling, accurate transmission  

Step-by-step notification, reflecting the process of exception handling at each level of the division of responsibility, while strengthening the sense of responsibility at each level. On the other hand, the multi-level and multi-mode notification greatly reduces the probability of the exception being missed by people, and achieves the goal of the exception notification must be achieved.

③Lights are readily available: timely viewing, instant processing

On the big screen of the front page of the lamp system and the mobile end, the abnormal problems reported through the lamp system can be displayed in real time. Faster to solve the problem.

④Closed-loop handling of lamp anomalies: complete record, from beginning to end

The system automatically records the closed loop of the abnormal process, including:

Report: Report person, report time, report information subject;

Notice: Time, personnel and manner of actual notification:

Processing: Processing person, processing time, processing information subject.

⑤Multi-pipeline notification: ensures foolproof

An abnormal message will be sent to the relevant person via WeChat, email, SMS, Kanban system to ensure that the message is delivered to the executive.

⑥One-on-one service

Provide pre-operation instruction to assist input equipment information. long term product guidance service. feature free upgrade improvement.