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Simple MES

1、What is MES, which customers are mainly targeted, and what is helpful to customers ?

Mes is a manufacturing enterprise production process execution system, is to help the factory to improve the efficiency of production management software, there is a lack of real uniform or everyone agreed to a clear definition, usually refers to work order management, production scheduling, reporting, equipment management and other production information related aspects. The aim of MES is to improve the management efficiency of the factory and establish an effective system of production data collection, feedback and analysis, which can be easily understood as reducing the human factor in management, improving the speed of data transmission and improving the accuracy of decision making. Industrial automation saves manpower, and industrial information saves the level and time of information transmission.

2. What is the difference between Traditional MES and Simple MES?

Traditional MES emphasizes the overall line,“Simple”information service emphasizes the phased solution to the problem, continued landing, the former is a contract function-oriented, heavy one-time sales; “Simple” information each issue of low price does not mean that low profits, low prices is also the only way to quickly promote information technology.

①For customers, the overall implementation of the traditional MES price will be high, just as the current customer is still in the desire to improve the means of transport, this time, bicycles, electric cars, Otto than Audi more ground gas, but also more easily accepted by most customers. Low input, quick results is the requirements of the market.

②We take the data management as the center, try to jump out of the equipment networking in advance, avoid the production specific business process, take the management cockpit as the main shaft, the leadership angle design, simplifies the system function.

③In the implementation of information technology, development is only a part of the cost, Simple has been emphasizing and working hard to establish a local channel service network, greatly reduce the cost of local information sales, promotion and after-sales service.

④We look forward to and users to establish a long-term information service business model, rather than a one-time sales, the order itself is more important than the amount of a single amount.


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