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Water Purification Equipment

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AICKSN-25A Instant Hot Drinking Machine

Product model: AICKSN-25A

Order No.: WSJ-1-0102

Category: Water Purification Equipment

The characteristics 
1. Depending on the requirements to get the water temperature, 40-95 degrees ;
2. 2.5L food grade 304 stainless steel tank ;
3. An hour in the 90 cup of hot water ;
4. Laminar water, not hot and cold water, had nothing to boiling water ;
5. Design of zero pressure, pressure control on tap.

The advantages 
1. Compared with the standard hot kettle to boil water, which costs 20 cheaper.
2. Boiling water is less than 80 of the electric power consumption, easy to install within your existing kitchen.

The product parameters