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Water Purification Equipment

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AICKSN-RO-400DZ Direct Drinking Water Purifier

Product model: AICKSN-RO-400DZ

Order No.: WSJ-1-0103

Category: Water Purification Equipment

The characteristics
1. Direct drinking water purifier : removal of almost all chemical pollution, heavy metals, a ditch, large particle impurities. Integrated sink, injection of one is not easy to leak, the use of antimicrobial agents of the American GE, bacteria produce, import RO membrane, desalination rate of 90 per cent.
2. Intelligently advise filter Replacement : original patented technology intelligently to remind filter replacement, to ensure the safety of drinking water, can be used to prevent filter expiration of the secondary pollution.
3. Import Ro reverse osmosis membrane filter : aperture 0.0001 ( one out of 10,000 ) micron, almost all of the water soluble solids have a good removal rate, desalination rate of 90 per cent ( more than 2.8kg of water ).
The product parameters