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Water Purification Equipment

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RS Series Central Soft Water Machine

Product model: RS Series

Order No.: WSJ-1-0104

Category: Water Purification Equipment

The characteristics
1. Soft clothing : soft water laundry cleaner more thorough, while the soft clothing, such as the new color ; about 1/3 detergent laundry at a time can be saved at the same time, reducing the washing machine failures caused by hard water.
2.Bathing beauty : soft water is easy to skin absorption by the human body in order to keep the moisture in the skin. Long – term use of soft water bath to wash, you can make skin smooth shiny.Shower without blocking, the water clear.
3. Easy to clean : wash fruits and vegetables with soft water, removal of pesticides more thorough ; using soft water in the bathroom, sink, toilet, bathtub is no longer an yellow scale, produces odors.
4.Elimination of scale : electric kettle, steam iron, water heaters, humidifiers, and other household equipment, after using soft water without scaling, province by province, and extend its life.
The product parameters