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Water Purification Equipment

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JS Series Central Water Purifier

Product model: JS Series

Order No.: WSJ-1-0105

Category: Water Purification Equipment

The characteristics
1.Imported high quality activated carbon : Imported high quality activated carbon for removal of residual chlorine in water, compounds, heavy metals, chloroform, four carbon dioxide and other harmful substances, makes the body against cancer – causing substances ( such as chlorine ) hurt.
2. Super filter : removal of color smell to enhance the taste, removal of sediment, colloids and other impurities. After quartz sand good fat food grade activated carbon, perfect double filter protection, ensure the quality of the water.
3. Unique model : Compact, can be installed in the cabinet, car paint appearance of fashion, reflecting the taste in your home.
4. Super – long life : backwash of advanced technology, recoil before they are coming, make full use of the media, to keep the water quality is always high quality.
5. Simple and stable operation : unique, all-in-one design of the bypass valve and easy to maintain, adapt to the diverse needs and unique gate type of connection makes the installation very easy.To set the timing automatic backwashing, intelligent memory function, even if unexpected power loss, settings can be preserved.

The product parameters