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Water Purification Equipment

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AICSN-MQ200P Pre – filter

Product model: AICSN-MQ200P

Order No.: WSJ-1-0106

Category: Water Purification Equipment

Pre-filter, usually installed on the inlet pipe after the water meter to ensure that generate large amounts of precipitation of impurities will not enter the net harm to the human body in the family water equipment, and put pipes, taps, electrical appliances such as dark play a positive role in protecting. Pre – filter is the bane of secondary pollution, is a reliable filter impurities. Visible in the removal of the pipe solid impurities, including rust, sand, algae, colloid, and so on, on the floor heating pipes, taps, electrical appliances for household use played a positive role in protection.Simply timed shuffle repeat use, without having to replace the filter elements.
 The advantages 
1. Filter sand, rust particles, such as impurities in the water ;
2.Protection of downstream water equipment ;
3. Stainless steel filter, high performance block filter particulate contamination in the water;
4. High quality interfaces, safe and reliable material to avoid secondary pollution, protection of water security ;
5. Filter shell material with high strength, good resistance to pressure, no leakage ;
6. You have to shuffle on a regular basis to recycle.
The product parameters