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Vertical Machining Center

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WD-1270 High Speed Vertical Machining Center

Product model: WD-1270

Order No.: WSL-1-0054

Category: Vertical Machining Center

Brief introduction: High speed adding center is a new generation of high speed CNC machine tool produced by advanced technology. The unique rigid main structure of the machine tool is unique and durable. Through repeated simulation and calculation of engineering mechanics, the stable bed structure is designed to meet the engineering requirements of doubling rigidity and simplifying quality. The fully hardened moving slide rail, combined with precision grinding, combines satisfactory accuracy and quality. Not only suitable for plate, disk, shell, precision parts processing, but also suitable for die processing.

Characteristics: The main bearing is equipped with constant temperature cooling cycle system, the temperature rise of the spindle is low, and the precision is good. Each coordinate shaft adopts imported AC feed servo motor to drive ball screw through elastic coupling to realize no clearance transmission. The ball screw is supported by imported bearing, which is flexible in feed, accurate in positioning and high in transmission precision. Each coordinate guide rail is composed of cast iron quenching guideway and polytetrafluoroethylene plastic guideway plate, which has good wear resistance, low friction coefficient, stable movement, low speed and no crawling, high precision and long life. Each guideway of the machine tool has a stainless steel plate shield to prevent chip and coolant from entering the interior of the machine tool to protect the guideway and ball wire rod from being protected. The machine tool is equipped with chain plate chip removal device, which is convenient to remove chip in time in the process of processing, and the machine tool is equipped with hanging button station, from which the operation of all parts of the whole machine is realized by centralized operation and convenient operation. The key parts and factory accuracy of the machining center are strictly tested by the precision coordinate measuring machine and the British RENISHAW dual-frequency laser interferometer and ball rod instrument to ensure the geometric accuracy and working accuracy of the machine tool. The 32-bit high-speed microprocessor SIEMENS828D numerical control system with high performance and high reliability is used as the standard configuration, intelligent warning display, self-diagnosis, etc. The function is convenient to use and maintain, and the multi-stage pre-reading control is especially suitable for die processing and mathematical demonstration of high speed and large capacity program. In addition, it can also be equipped with MITSUBISHIM70V,FAGOR 8055I, Fanuc OI and other famous brand numerical control systems to meet the needs and operating habits of different users as much as possible.