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WX-400QG Automation Cnc-Control Single Position Cutting Machine

Product model: WX-400QG

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Category: Electroplating Equipment

ONE,Function and Features
1.It is mainly used for precision casting instead of manual hand Cutting.
2.With hydraulic self-centering vise clamping,clamping firmly.
3.One time finish all cutting.
4.Used for Straight and horizontal two types casting line.
5.PLC+servo control,only need change parameter for change products.
And parameter saved ,convenient for second time use.
6.Automatically determine the cutting force of the grinding wheel,
automatically protect the grinding wheel,anti-lock, anti-rupture.
7.Grinding wheel wear automatic compensation,grinding wheel utilization maximization
8.Fully enclosed housing with dust-removing tuyere,safe and environmentally friendly.
9.Have option can add conveying equipment automatic loading and unloading,One person can operate multiple Machines.
TWO,Main specifications and technical parameters