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Vertical Machining Center

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WD-850L Triaxial Rail Vertical Machining Center

Product model: WD-850L

Order No.: WSL-1-0056

Category: Vertical Machining Center

1.The machine tool is a highly automated digital control machine tool. the machine tool adopts japan fanuc0i-mf digital system (optional mitsubishi cnc, siemens, guang number system) with digital servo feed control for x, y and z feed shaft and direct digital control function for spindle speed.

2.The large part adopts the high-quality rice-hana cast iron, the base is wide, the super-large upright post and the wide guide rail are spaced, the whole tissue of the machine tool is stable and rigid, and the quality and the processing precision are ensured.

3.Each coordinate axis adopts high power AC servo electrode, which provides strong axial thrust, stable strong cutting characteristics and locking torque at feed speed of parts, and ensures absolute stability of each axis in any state.

4. The power of the main motor of the machine tool is 7.5 kW, and the rotating speed is up to 8000rpm (optional 10000 / directly connected spindle 12000rpm), which can maintain the cutting steel and accuracy of the spindle for a long time at high speed, and can be suitable for diversified cutting.

5.By using the precision imported moving guideway and precision grinding and shovel machining, the best cutting steel can be obtained, and the dynamic stability and the position accuracy of the guideway can be guaranteed.

6.The high efficiency, high torque and high precision ball screw can avoid any elastic deformation and improve the positioning accuracy and repeated positioning accuracy of the machine tool.

7.The guide rail and the sliding part adopt the volume distributor with the de-pressing oil injector, and the capacity is properly supplied to the lubricating oil needed for the guideway and the wire rod pair.

8.The main shaft bearing adopts the P4 grade bevel roller bearing, the main shaft parts (including the transmission pulley) should be carried into the action balance test, the precision reaches the G1 grade. It can maintain the rigidity precision and life of the spindle during the long time and high rotational speed.

9.The main shaft adopts BT40 steel ball broach mechanism.

10.The fast displacement X/ Y axis is 36m/ min and the Z-axis is 30m/ min.

11.The X axis, Y axis and Z axis of the machine tool are all made of digital series AC servo motor produced by FANUC Company of Japan. NC device is composed of semi-closed loop control system with pitch error compensation through the corresponding servo.

12.the spindle control part of the machine tool is composed of the corresponding driving unit, which has the function of directly specifying the spindle speed (infinitely variable speed) by programming. Test of strict 72 hours continuous Operation of Machine tool out of Factory High rigid structure, optimal stability: The optimal structural rigidity and stability are obtained by the finite element analysis of the main structure. The casting is treated by secondary aging to ensure the stability of machining accuracy. The three-axis screw is predrawn to prevent thermal deformation and ensure accuracy when running at high speed.