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Low Pressure Die Casting

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WD-IDZ-011 Double Station Low Pressure Casting Machine

Product model: WD-IDZ-011

Order No.: WZD-2-0098

Category: Low Pressure Die Casting

Low pressure die casting machine is mainly used in brass alloy and zinc alloy metal products, especially for faucet, valve body and bathroom accessories. Device description 1. Two independent operation manipulator, parameters can be adjusted independently, but two jobs at the same time or one job one die change or maintenance.

2. Skip two, two Turbo tank for different robotics, separate different product discharge.

3. 520kg/H Electric Furnace melting rate, to meet the production of two manipulators at the same time.

4. Rotation servo – Drive, Precision Low back gap reducers transmission, smoothly and efficiently.

Advantages of the device Electric Furnace

Stepless regulator, temperature stable temperature control precision is highRobot : Automatic casting, automatic cutting, automatic water Graphite cooling slots : with heating and cooling controls to ensure mold temperature stability Operation : Manual sand cores, since the CAST ; great job, little labor intensityEfficiency : single mode of production for a long time, generally 60 seconds, but can be more of a die ( depending on product ) Metal fluid temperature : temperature stable, error within 10 degrees, improving castings yieldMold temperature : mold temperature stability Automatic casting : automatic pouring, no human factors influence of molding process.

1.Adding compressed air in a sealed oven, the liquid under pressure rise along the lift tube, smooth into the mold cavity through the gate, and holding until the forming of castings.And then discharge pressure, made up of fresh liquid zinc in a pipe flow back to the stove.

2.Liquid Metal filling relatively stable.

3.Casting forming good for forming complex or large product has a good effect is to reduce the thickness of the casting, savings in raw material costs.

4.microstructure of dense, high mechanical functions.