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Gravity Die Casting

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WD-IDZ-008 Gravity Casting Machine

Product model: WD-IDZ-008

Order No.: WZZ-2-0097

Category: Gravity Die Casting

As the copper processing industry boomed and diverse, constantly update and improve the production technology of copper processing industry. To meet the production needs, according to the principles of gravity casting, specially designed hz-450 gravity die casting machines.For brass casting, simple, innovative design and reasonable price. Circuit controlled by PLC, the data set by the touch screen, all hydraulic components are imported.Direct casting, side moulding, casting and mixed casting for the Second time. Individual adjustment, composition and decomposition of mould cleaning. With manual loop and automatically two features, the counter can be set, recorded output. Equipped with mold adjustment space, convenient for the application of different molds, reduce the requirements of die size. This machine can store die casting operation program and set the corresponding password.

Technical parameters