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Polishing Machine

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WD-IDZ-007 Robot Polishing Combination

Product model: WD-IDZ-007

Order No.: WJP-1-0094

Category: Polishing Machine

The scope of the device application

1. Faucet body polish

2. Auto parts products and polishing

3. Locks, door handles and polishing

4. Various types of hardware, accessories and polishing

5. Can be polished product size range 300mm,3kg


1. Fanuc robot used m-20ia/35m.

2. built-in professional polishing module.

3. Programmatically : Teaching programming, simulation of artificial polished and record tracks in manual mode, you can automatically run at this path.

4. Digital control, the program can be saved and called at any time.

5. Set by the Chinese Display touch panel features and parameters,easy operation and fault codes display for easy troubleshooting and repair. Main technical parameters Belt sander characteristics

A variety of belt meet the needs of different products and polishing process by hanging ; Middle plane grinding function plane products at a time ; Belt – type functions reduce the difficulty in programming ; Sand with the function of sand – proof guarantee belt life ; With sand with wear compensation function.

Double – station automatic feeding station

High – precision positioning with elastic floating function of the Panel. Each station can be placed 10-20 products, processing is completed automatically exits and instructions on replacing the product.