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Polishing Machine

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WD-IDZ-009 Particle Polishing Machine

Product model: WD-IDZ-009

Order No.: WJP-1-0095

Category: Polishing Machine

 Introduction to Device

1. Consists of three stations and two abrasive barrel, one of the abrasive crude barrels left behind, while another abrasive finishing behind barrels, another station for loading and unloading ;

2.32 a fixture every abrasive drums, each fixture can be equipped with several products based on product size, and at least 32 products can be mounted, can be applied to complex shapes MOP cannot be polished product ;

3.Abrasive barrel lift speed can be adjusted according to different products, for slow rise fast drop functionality ;

4. Fixture rapid loading and unloading, clamp flexible, easy to operate ;

5. No need to debug the machine ;

6. No need to edit the program ;

7. No need to install the Dust removal equipment.

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