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Polishing Machine

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WD-IDZ-010 Faucet Polisher

Product model: WD-IDZ-010

Order No.: WJP-1-0096

Category: Polishing Machine

The scope of the device application

1. Tap body;

2. Auto parts products clear light;

3. Locks, door handles clear;

4. All kinds of hardware, jewelry clear light;

5. Polishable product size range of 280280.


1. This equipment is a dedicated six-axis multi-station polishing robot, a total of six degrees of freedom, a number of stations at the same time, flexible and efficient, widely used in the bathroom door control, auto parts field product polishing;

2. The control system adopts the advanced motion control technology of Italy, controls 6 axes at the same time, the performance is stable and the control accuracy is high.

3. Programming way: hand-held teaching device, trial programming, using manual mode simulation artificial polishing and recording track, you can run automatically according to this path;

4. Polishing wheel automatic compensation function: after polishing cloth wheel loss, the system can detect the torque become smaller to achieve automatic coordination compensation;

5. Line speed compensation: when the outer diameter of the cloth wheel is reduced, the system automatically increases the speed compensation line speed;

6. Wax setting: according to the characteristics of the product to choose solid wax or liquid wax, automatically set the waxing time, frequency;

7. Full digital control, can store 50 kinds of programs, and can be called at any time;

8. The teaching device is displayed Chinese, the various parameters are set simple and convenient, and the alarm information and fault information are displayed in the instructor.

Main technical parameters

Polishing product display