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Vertical Machining Center

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WD-M850 Drilling Tapping Machine Center

Product model: WD-M850

Order No.: WSL-1-0005

Category: Vertical Machining Center

1. The main structure items are made of high quality ht300,eliminate the stress by the aging treatment.

2. Wide solid base, the column designed with stable structure and the design of full heavy load support to ensure the loading capacity during processing.

3. Rib-enhanced structure used in the power unit.

4. Three spindles motor and accurate ball screw are directly transmitted to enhance the rigidity and improve the accuracy.

5. Z spindle uses the brake motor system, this can maintain the balance and sensitivity of the processing accuracy.

6. With slide way in x/y/z spindle, the design of full support, heavy load and stabilize processing accuracy.

7.C3 class ball screw are used, each spindle has been pulled to reduce the deformation to ensure the accuracy of the machine.

8.Built with heavy block, add to guide rod, does not shake when been moving up and down

9. Bearing seat and motor seat and body are grinding and accuracy stability.

10. A elaborate structure is designed to separate oil from water and avoid cutting fluid and lubricating fluid to confuse the problem of deterioration smelly.