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Vertical Machining Center

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WD-VP420 Drilling Tapping Machine Center

Product model: WD-VP420

Order No.: WSL-1-0001

Category: Vertical Machining Center

1) The structure design of high rigidity and high precision

1.the main structure uses the high quality of fc – 30 cast iron, stable structure, permanent to ensure quality.

2.the base width, column design, solid weight full support design, to ensure processing of heavy load capacity.

3.the main shaft power head with ribs in strengthening structure, spindle power head contact with the post length ratio appropriat rovide strong support of the spindle.

2) Of high rigidity, high speed feed system

1.three axis motor directly with precision ball screw drive, enhance the rigidity and improve the precision.

2.the z axis adopts brake motor system in rapid displacement can keep high equilibrium and sensitivity to ensure machining accuracy,

3.three axis uses the linear slide rail, with high rigidity, low noise, low friction properties, optimal cycle precision and displacement can be done quickly.

4.fast displacement x/y/z axis 48 m/min.

3) The atc is stable and reliable

1. rapid, simple, long life and reliable tool switching device, with balance and reliable tool exchange action.

2.unique design, advanced cutting tool switching device of the cam drive mechanism, any position cutter selection ability, an be controlled by the plc software quickly.

3. quick change tool to save the cutting time, improve production efficiency.

4) Of the man-machine interface operation

1.conform to safety standards of operation panel, easy to operate.

2.fault alarm signal display on the screen, easy to eliminate.

3.embedded operating box design, easy to operate, save a space.

4.touch key, circular and text display, easy to operate.

5) High speed and high precision linear slide rail

1. linear slide rail, clearance, circular arc cutting, bevel cutting, surface texture.

2. choose high speed, and greatly reduce the machine drive horsepower required.

3. linear guide rail, with rolling instead of sliding, the friction loss is small, responsive, high positioning accuracy

4.can bear the load of left and right, up and down at the same time and rail contact area still with a multipoint contact under load cutting stiffness will not cut.

5.easy to assemble, interchangeable, and lubrication simple structure. 6.high rigid couplings can provide a smooth torsion links, improve the stability of the servo positioning.