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Low Pressure Die Casting

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WD-IDZ-012 Single Station Low Pressure Casting Machine

Product model: WD-IDZ-012

Order No.: WZD-2-0099

Category: Low Pressure Die Casting

Low – Pressure Die Casting machine is mainly used in metal alloys of copper and zinc alloy products, especially applies to the TAP, transfer and bathroom accessories. The device should mainly by casting unit, Wei, and skip, graphite furnace bath, mold cleaning equipment, cranes, robotics, hydraulic systems, pneumatic systems, heating system, control system and so on. Basic device configuration

1.Control system with Siemens FLC control ; by the Chinese, the English display the touch panel to set various functions and parameters, easy operation and displays the functional ease of maintenance with fault code ;

2. Manipulator servo – driven, linear guides movement, fast, stable performance, high control precision ;

3. the stove 1.8t 350kg/h melting rate, stepless power surge, the induction in vitro, water installation cooling water flow rate measurement, furnace cover and hydraulic opening ;

4. Electric Furnace : Furnished with automatic feed cover and small cleaning cover, the system has a temperature record, automatic, manual, furnace program;

5. By skip : With front and back, up and down, flip function, can directly send the product to storage working car;

6. Electric hoist : effective lifting 500rg, mainly for clear when the furnace lid lifting ;

7. Graphite slots : was on this power with reduced temperature, graphite, for mold cooling and cover the surface of graphite powder, to release and control mold temperature;

8.The hydraulic system uses the well-known international brand portfolio, low oil temperature, oil non-perishable, stable performance, strong anti – fouling, suitable for private components of the movement of Water Hydraulic oil;

9. Feed System of the stove : Using nororen, fbsto, bellofram brands such as pneumatic components, pressure proportional control and two – valve protection, ensure that the Casting quality and safety;

10. Lift tube Intermediate Frequency heating system : 60kw, power 7kw per hour, lift tube heating to the temperature in 1.5 minutes;

11. Mold cleaning room : Die oxides for a long time in the mold will automatically move to the mold cleaning cartridge to clean up.