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Dust Collecting Equipment

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Self-excited Vortex Dust Collector

Product model:

Order No.: WHC-1-0039

Category: Dust Collecting Equipment

operational principle

The dust-containing gas enters the dust collecting chamber from the dust collector into the dust collecting chamber. After the dust collecting chamber slows down, the coarse dust is directly sprinkled into the water, and the whirlpool channel of fine dust, due to the high speed passage of air flow in the whirlpool channel, produces extremely dense small droplets on the surface of friction liquid, which effectively captures the fine dust and forms sewage. Most of the dirt falls into the water tank after leaving the whirlpool channel. A small part of the waste liquid is collected by the water retaining plate when it is composed of multiple water retaining plates, and it falls back into the water tank. The clean air is drawn out by the fan and discharged into the atmosphere. Thus, an efficient dust collection process has been completed.

Feature Settings
1. To ensure the stability of efficiency, the vortex wet machine configuring automatic water features, ensuring a stable liquid height, thus ensuring a stable efficiency.
2. This integration of artificial slag method, the use of water tank design of inclined and open multiple cleaning

doors to facilitate cleaning, but does not affect the sealing and cleaning effects.
3. Air Outlet settings, exhaust noise of less than 80 DB below the national qualifying standard.