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Combined Special Purpose Machine

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WD-90LY-2Z 2 Spindle Vertical Disc Drilling And Tapping Special Purpose Machine

Product model: WD-90LY-2Z

Order No.: WSZ-1-0008

Category: Combined Special Purpose Machine

Function Introduction

1.this product use delta plc control system,man-machine interface use touch screen terminal, it is friendly for people and easy to operate.

2.spindle use high quality alloy steel and through hardening heat treatment,precisiong grinding, abrasion resistance and have long life.

3.tapping structure use lead screw driver,auto feed tapping and standard pitch.

4.tapping spindle speed use frequency control to achieve into the fast feed-slow tapping-retreat funvtion, it shortens production cycle,improving the thread accuracy.

5.using imported precision hydraulic gear splitter to attainment indexing,each station can drilling and tapping at one time. it can shorten the parts processing and suit for large parts of process and have high efficiency.

6.each slide surface use auto lubrication pump to ensure the use life of machine.

7.with tooling the machine ues mist cooling device,make it have long using life,stable process for products and high precision to meet the high precisiong requirements. bta use the automatic chip auger and it can easy to use

8.in the processing,it through touch screen to show the processing in place.also it have alarm function when error.