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Dust Collecting Equipment

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Scroll Dry Dust Collector

Product model:

Order No.: WHC-1-0040

Category: Dust Collecting Equipment

Function introduction

1. The dry cyclone dust collector makes use of the involute volute structure to make the dust gas products entering the cylinder rotate and produce the outward centrifugal force by the gas rotation movement, and the dust in the gas is leaned to the cylinder wall under the action of centrifugal force. Therefore, it is separated from the gas and falls down the cylinder wall to the dust collecting box under the action of autogenic weight to complete the dust collection process.

2.The collection efficiency of cyclone dust collector is related to the nature of dust. If the dust is large and the weight is large, the efficiency is high, on the contrary, the efficiency is low; therefore, it is more suitable for sanding series dust, but not suitable for the polishing process with wax smoke. In addition, it is also related to the inlet air express delivery, and the design of reasonable inlet air speed will also go away.

3. Because of the large structure size of cyclone dust collector, in order to save space and increase air volume, parallel operation mode is used.

Technical parameter