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Combined Special Purpose Machine

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WD-110LY-7-ST 7Spindle Vertical Disc Drilling And Tapping Machine

Product model: WD-110LY-7-ST

Order No.: WSZ-1-0014

Category: Combined Special Purpose Machine

Function Introduction

1.use imported plc for simple operation to achieve 7 spindles maching synchronously,and each spindle can be choose to work separately.

2.use imported dividing disc to locate for equal division and precision.

3.1st spindle for coarse boring,2nd and 3rd boring,4th boring accurately,5th tapping,6th drilling(can adjsut vertical movement and angle and left-right distance),7th tapping(can adjust vertical movement angle and left-right distance).

4.the hydraulic system is controlled by precise solenoid valve,which has sucits as convenient pressue and speed adjustment,uniform dimension for installationo,strong interchangeability to make it operate stably and position correctly.

5.clamp use hydraulic synchronous vice for high centering precision.

6.cycle cooling unit to decrease cutting heat to get a better durability of cutting tools

7.this machine uses man-machine interface,with the function of reporting abnormal states,thus circuit errors will be detected in time,automatic chipremoval system can be added according to customer’s needs

8.individual hydraulic pressure staion system(convenient and quick to be maintained)