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Combined Special Purpose Machine

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Combined Vertical Drilling And Tapping Machine

Product model: WD-110LWH

Order No.: WSZ-1-0015

Category: Combined Special Purpose Machine

Function Introduction

1.use imported plc for simple operation,machining three sessions fast entering,machine positioning,and fast reverse at one time.

2.suitable for machining 3 positions valves application in quantity productions.

3.fix the clamp at one time,three ways milling synchronously and three ways tapping synchronously in the second positionprove capacity and ensure the quality.

4.the hydraulic system is controlled by precise solenoid valve, which has such merits as convenient pressure and speed adjustment.uniform dimension for installation,strong interchangeability to make it operate stably and position correctly.

5.slider system with guide way ultrasonic frequency quenching and lubricating system for longer service life and higher precision.

6.hyxraulic driver and buffering of slider system for machining with stavility.

7.this machine uses man-machine interface,with the function of reporting abnormal states,thus circuit errors will be detected in time,and automatic chip removal system can be added according to customer’s needs.