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Metalforming Machine

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WD-YH Series Fully Automatic Hot Forging Machine

Product model: WD-YH Series

Order No.: WZD-1-0057

Category: Metalforming Machine

YH series fully automatic hot forging machine  are used in the production of complex High Performance Unit stock. Production of raw material selection of copper or aluminum, after high frequency furnace or gas to heat the material, the use of Upset Forging of the machine so that the products in the DIE, forming can be upsetting and spherical, t type, hexagonal, irregular parts such as cylinder, valve.The production process includes automatic heating, automatic feed, automatic stamping, automatic blanking. Unit fully automated, simple, and one person can control multiple machines, greatly saves labor costs.Unit production process parameters can be adjusted through the touch – screen in real time, transferring easy, convenient maintenance. After using automatic red flush unit, reducing cost, reducing the process, energy saving and environmental protection, improve production efficiency.

This device is composed of six large – scale systems : 

PLC control system/Electric power system/Hydraulic system/Mechanical drive system/Pneumatic system/Auxiliary system

(1) High efficiency

Effectively reduce labor, 1 manual can control 3-5 machines, improve production efficiency; 20 minutes fast mold replacement, adapt to small batch multi-variety conversion production; The blanks are directly cut and processed by profiles, reducing the molding process and inventory caused by the intermediate blank processing, shortening the process and reducing the loss of raw materials.

(2) High technical content and reliability

The whole machine uses the servo motor system drive control, the production process can be at any time a variety of real-time flexible adjustment, including operating speed, duration and hydraulic molding pressure; The use of real-time non-contact infrared temperature control detection system, the entire process of accurate control of the heating temperature of blankmaterials, according to a variety of special process technology needs to set different blank heating temperature, to ensure the best stamping molding temperature, improve product quality; The robot automatically completes high-risk work, replaces manual operation, and avoids accidental damage and work-related accidents; Strict supplier management system, strict control of key parts procurement channels, to ensure high safety and reliability of equipment. (3) Energy conservation and environmental protection

The furnace adopts the inlet non-direct contact heating method, which is more than 50 energy-saving than the traditional process. Optional gas heating technology, in line with national standards, to achieve low emissions and low energy consumption of efficient production; It can be produced using lead-free raw materials.

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