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Local Scrubber

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Industrial Waste Gas Treatment System

Product model: TDC Series

Order No.: WHF-1-0067

Category: Local Scrubber

Application areas : Acid and alkali waste gas scrubber Organic waste gas on activated carbon adsorption equipment Desulfurization and acid Industrial water Widely used in food, chemicals, plastics, electronics, and automobile spray, stencil, wood, cement, metallurgical, power, solar energy, metal polishing industry, sintering machine, rotary kilns, furnaces various industry sectors.

Inorganic waste gases : Vertical counterflow scrubber

Overview: Vertical reverse-flow exhaust gas washing towers are structurally resistant to corrosion(PP-PVC-FRP-SUS304) and functionally achieve more efficient handling efficiency and less maintenance costs. To further improve efficiency, we have specially analyzed and collated past washing tower parameters to develop a range of standard specifications that are efficient and low cost.
In the surface provision and equipment production, quality control and a series of processes, its efficiency has been greatly improved. Principle: vertical counter-current exhaust gas washing tower, harmful exhaust gas from the lower part of the tower into, washing tower with a certain height of filler layer, exhaust gas from the bottom up through the filler layer, and finally from the top of the tower. At the same time from the upper part of the tower with a spray system, the use of water circulation absorption fluid, circulating water from the upper of the tower water dispenser sprayed to the filler layer wetting filler surface to form a flowing liquid film. The gas and liquid in the filler layer flow in reverse. Gas liquid two in the tower counter-current contact, the use of harmful exhaust gases in the absorbent in a certain degree of solubility, soluble ingredients continue to dissolve into the liquid, to reduce the content of harmful components in the gas. Added is the same amount of pharmaceutical, harmful exhaust gases are constantly absorbed or removed by chemical reactions, so the concentration in the uplift air flow is getting lower and lower, to the top of the tower to meet the discharge requirements outside the tower. Liquid in the filler layer has a tendency to flow, easy to cause invalid wall flow, so the filler layer is higher, often segmented, between the two segments set up a liquid redivision, in order to facilitate the redistribution of the liquid.
Advantages of the device
1 ) Research and development of advanced unique design software, you can quickly design technologies, such as reasonable diameter parameter, handling High efficiency.
2 ) Select advanced filling, low resistance, high velocity, large specific surface area, effectively reducing the diameter, wind power by 30%, saving energy.
3 ) Equipment raw materials such as PP/FRP/PVC/Q235/304, strong weather to ensure that the service life of more than 15 years in natural price adjustment.

Design elements
1) Ontoytosdesign
Vacuum resistance: -600mmAq
Pressure resistance: .850mmAq
The body body body structure is designed to meet the complete foundation support, the top strength can support at least one person’s weight, the human hole, window, spray system and internal support design should take into account the pressure and corrosion resistance
2) Washing tower inlet and outlet flow rate design
Air flow must be prevented from producing cavitation phenomenon, if the design is poor, air flow and washing liquid to produce a separation through, will greatly reduce the washing efficiency, the inlet design flow rate must consider the exhaust gas into the washing tower air flow i can be very uniform in the entire filler layer of the broken area.
3) Cycle sink design
The bottom bottom of the wash tower connects the circulating sink, providing the washing tower with 2-5 minutes of circulating water, and the designer focuses on corrosion resistance, as well as economic and maintenance convenience.
4) Washing liquid and distribution system design Washing liquid can be recycled, can also be designed for batch operation or continuous automatic operation, when needed to add a small amount of fresh washing liquid, in order to absorb pollutants can also maintain its effect, washing liquid distribution design using low pressure large rife nozzles, play a greater uniform flow rate, to achieve a higher washing effect.

Equipment selection size and volume

Application areas
Electronics, chemical industry, electroplating and metal surface treatment in addition to the PH of common equipment. Electronics, semiconductor manufacturing, PCB manufacturing, LCD industry, metal industry, iron and steel pickling process, dyes / removal of water – soluble pollutants and other chemicals,SOX/NOX.