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Dust Collecting Equipment

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CVP CYC Central Cleaning System

Product model: CVP CYC

Order No.: WHC-1-0065

Category: Dust Collecting Equipment

  Introduction :

Central Cleaning System is also called central vacuum system or negative pressure cleaning system. By hosts the vacuum cleaner, vacuum, vacuum pipeline outlet, vacuum components.Vacuum host on the exterior of the building or room, balcony, garage, equipment room. Host by embedded to wall in suck dust pipeline and each room suck dust Jack phase connection, connection in wall outside only stay such as general power socket size suck dust Jack, in clean work will a root more long hose insert suck dust Jack, dust, and confetti, and cigarette, and debris and the harmful gas by strict seal vacuum pipeline, will dust suck to vacuum cleaner host garbage bag in the.Anyone who, in whole or in part any time as you clean, simple and convenient in operation, avoiding the secondary pollution of dust and noise pollution, ensure that the cleaning of the indoor environment.
Principle of central cleaning system

Central Cleaning system with high negative pressure control system of dust host + cleaning valve + Carbon Steel +Pipe Road +Cleaning Tools , cleaning system in the area that needs cleaning or uniform layout clean the valve in the workshop, and then clean the pipe connecting the cleaning valve and then clean the pipes connected to clean the host, system control through the control system.Strong suction system provided by high vacuum blowers, all kinds of dust, waste can be inhaled dust filtration in the host. When cleaning workers need with our special cleaning tools, directly into the cleaning can be carried out within the valve cleaning, which can effectively clean the area, hazardous area powder, various corner of the workshop, equipment at the bottom, top, where it is difficult to clean.Effective disarmament by traditional sweep with a broom or using compressed air to clean up the workshop of the low efficiency of health, cleaning dirty, secondary dust and other abuses.

Central Cleaning System selection parameters
CVP economical cleaning Host

Overview : CVP economic vacuum Cleaning System Design simple, easy to operate. Host structure is compact, small footprint. Apply to work at the same time a small number of occasions, has a high cost – performance.

CYC single cyclone dust collector

Overview : CYC single cyclone simple structure, easy maintenance, high pressure and high temperature resistance and so on. The use of film on the surface of the shell and spray technology, high wear resistance, antiseptic moisture.Treatment of high concentration, large proportion are preferred, large particles of dust. Be in line with sweeping series host as the first – level filtering, making the entire system for greater capacity.

Use range : Vacuum cleaning of dust cleaning system applicable to various industries, clean alternative to traditional modes ( broom manual cleaning, washing, compressed air — ) and greatly reduce the labor intensity, enhance staff productivity of employees, some of the specific industry and explosion – proof place to reduce staff security risk.
Can be used to :
Clean the shop floor Device surface area of ash Various caught, horns glass Production of bulk materials, blanking Traditional cleaning methods that are difficult to clean the dust, and so on.
Special dust cleaning up Considerations for cleaning Dust :
Liquids : Vacuum cleaning system is not available to absorb liquids, if necessary, please contact technicians provide non-standard design.
Sticky Dust : viscous vacuum – cleaning dust inhalation after the host, will adhere in the core, causing jams. If needed, please contact technicians provide non-standard design.

Negative Pressure cleaning system Valves and Fittings.

Clean the valve series :
1. Wall valve : Pick up the card wall valve : Made of 304 stainless steel material, pick up the card clip connection, very easy assembly and disassembly.DN38/DN50/65 containing a variety of specifications. Can be equipped with the type 32, type 38, type 50, type 76 cleaning tool.
External thread – wall valve : Made of 304 stainless steel material, external Thread Connections, easy to install, stylish, and affordable. DN38/DN50/65 containing a variety of specifications.Can be equipped with the type 32, type 38, type 50, type 76 cleaning tool.
2. Valve : Made of 304 stainless steel material, external Thread Connections, very easy assembly and disassembly.Pre – buried in the ground or other sandwich shop inside the valve, shape, layout of workshop and tidy, how to clean the room. DN38DN50/65 containing a variety of specifications.Can be equipped with the type 32, type 38, type 50, type 76 cleaning tool.

3. Embedded wall PVC Valves : The use of PVC materials that can be embedded in the wall concealed installation, elegant, affordable price.Specification DN32, Type distribution φ32 cleaning tools often used.