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Dust Collecting Equipment

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TDC Combined Filter Dustremover

Product model: TDC Series

Order No.: WHC-1-0066

Category: Dust Collecting Equipment

(1)Product Introduction
The combined filter box dust remover uses foreign advanced fold filter, the surface uses PTFE film, widely used in a variety of industries of dust, oil mist, welding smoke and other filtration equipment. Filter filter dust removal host using a heavy flow design, higher efficiency, lower energy consumption, filter surface using PTFE coating material, submicron particles filter efficiency of up to 99.99, the most important modular structure design first applied to this dust erlaster, compared to the cloth bag duster, filter duster more advanced, efficient,
Take up space and so on.
(2)TDC Combined Filter Duster Features
1. The use of original imported or domestic first-line brand filter, to ensure that submicron dust particles up to 99.99% filtration efficiency.
2. Using a unique flow design, the use of gravity and top-down air flow type, to avoid dust secondary pollution filter, long service life.
3. The perfect combination of high-efficiency filter and heavy-flow duster greatly reduces the volume and footprint of the dust collector.
4. Low operating resistance, very low energy consumption and operating costs, usually the initial resistance of 25mmaq, normal operating resistance of 5075mmaq.
5. Horizontal filter design, repair and replacement of the filter barrel more simple and fast, greatly reducing the downtime.
6. The use of advanced automatic compressed air pulse cleaning device, is a filter cartridge longer life, to ensure that the dust collection host continued low resistance operation.
7. Can be used for flammable and explosive, toxic and harmful and other forms of dust particles filtration.
(3) TDC Combined Filter Duster Pulse Cleaning Device Schematic

(4)TDC Combined Filter Dust Basic Parameters for Host Selection Table

(5)TDC Combined Cartridge Dustremover Application Site