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Exhibition Information

Indonesia International Machine Tool and Metal Processing Technology Exhibition 2020


1.Overview of the exhibition and market situation

Indonesia Jakarta International Manufacturing Machinery Equipment and materials exhibition will be opened in December 2019 in Jakarta, Indonesia, the exhibition is hosted by PT Pamerindo Indonesia, once a year, Indonesia is the largest, most professional and most influential machine tool & machine tool; With a history of more than 30 years, the Metal Processing & Machinery Industry Exhibition has been successfully held for 29 sessions. In 2018, the exhibition area reached 37,645 square meters, and the attendance reached 34,959, attracting 22 groups from 30 countries and regions around the world, of the 1,515 exhibitors, 79% are overseas exhibitors. Its exhibition effect has been unanimously praised by exhibitors at home and abroad.


Indonesia is the world’s fourth most populous country. Steel, metal processing, automatic control and other industrial base is weak, machine tools processing machinery are dependent on imports. Indonesia’s domestic industry is backward in technology and far from meeting the needs of the market. It provides huge market opportunities for overseas machinery enterprises. The types of products Indonesia needs to import tend to focus on machinery and equipment of good quality and low unit price, therefore, China’s mechanical products in the Indonesian market has a strong competitive advantage. Jakarta International Machine Tool Exhibition is the best platform to help domestic machine tool enterprises understand and develop the Southeast Asian market.


2.Exhibition Information
Exhibition Name: Machine Tool Indonesia of Indonesia International Machine Tool and Metal Processing Technology Exhibition 2020
Exhibition Date: December 2020
Venue: International Convention and Exhibition Center, Jakarta, Indonesia
Exhibition cycle: one year


3.Exhibition area:Metal Cutting and metal forming machines: including lathes, milling machines, slotting machines, broaching machines, planers, drilling machines, boring machines, sawing machines, grinding machines, machining centers, shear triggers, bending machines, high speed presses, forging equipment, pipe and wire forming equipment, laser cutting machines, EDM / ECM machining centers, special machining machines, electrical machines, robots, etc. .

Machine tool accessories and tools: including cutting tools, measuring and cutting tools, modular fixtures, drills, superhard tools, diamond tools, grinding wheels, chuck, Abrasive Abrasives, measurement and testing technology and equipment, CNC systems, automation equipment, Servo Motors, instrumentation, etc. 


4.Form of exhibition
mainly in kind, supplemented by pictures, models, samples. Standard stalls can be rented for display, or special decoration can be carried out according to the requirements of the enterprise.


5.Conditions of participation
Companies and production enterprises that have the right to export foreign trade shall be organized to participate in the exhibition, and it is strictly prohibited to bring fake and inferior products or inferior, infringe other people’s intellectual property rights and trademark rights.


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