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“Artificial intelligence machine tool” will become the new technology of machine tool evolution direction and bring infinite possibilities for the upgrading of manufacturing industry


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How can artificial intelligence provide opportunities for Chinese manufacturing industry to “change lanes and overtake vehicles” ? What enlightenment can the technical transformation of iron and steel industry provide for the transformation and upgrading of traditional industry? What are the problems and challenges in the upgrading of China’s manufacturing industry?


At the 8th China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition Advanced Manufacturing Industry Final Summit Forum held on the morning of the 5th, scholars and experts from well-known enterprises, universities and scientific research institutes in China brought insights and insights on the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry.


“Artificial intelligence machine tool” will become the direction of machine tool evolution


At the summit, Professor Huazhong University of Science and Technology and director of the systems engineering, Chen Jihong, will give a keynote speech on “the practice of intelligent transformation and upgrading of manufacturing equipment” , point out for everyone in the field of Chinese machine tools “Lane change overtaking” opportunity.


Chen Jihong introduced ,” industrial mother machine “is one of the short boards of China’s manufacturing development. Among them, CNC machine tool is the most typical “industrial master machine “, from screw to satellite, rocket manufacturing, are inseparable from CNC machine tools.


In recent years, the new generation of information technology, such as mobile interconnection, super computing and Internet of things, has developed rapidly, and finally concentrated on the strategic breakthrough of the new generation of artificial intelligence technology. In the field of machine tool innovation, through the integration of artificial intelligence technology, machine tools can even learn independently to obtain intelligent control knowledge of NC machining, and greatly improve the processing efficiency and quality.


Therefore, the main direction of machine tool innovation should be the deep integration of machine tool technology and digital, networked and intelligent technology, so as to realize the intelligent evolution from “digital machine tool” to “Internet machine tool” and then to the new generation of “artificial intelligence machine tool “.


Chen Jihong believes that speeding up the integration of the new generation of artificial intelligence technology and CNC machine tools will bring new changes to the CNC machine tool industry, and will also be a major opportunity for the Chinese machine tool industry to “change lanes and overtake” and finally realize the “follow run” to “lead “.


New technologies offer unlimited possibilities for manufacturing upgrading


In recent years, with the slowing of demand, rising labor costs, the development of new materials and other factors, the steel industry is facing increasing pressure of transformation.


In the Summit Forum, Baosteel Stock Smart Manufacturing Promotion Office Deputy Director Zou Yuxian for the steel industry to bring intelligence, information transformation experience.


“When you think of iron making, you probably think of workers in thermal insulation suits, sunglasses and steel drill, working by the side of a steel blast furnace, which has been changed, ” Zou said. Now, the Enterprise has promoted a large number of unmanned projects in production, including unmanned stacker and reclaimer, scraper unmanned, belt monitoring robot projects, and so on, greatly reducing the Labor load of workers. The introduction of a series of automation has enabled enterprises to realize “one-click steelmaking” , and to hand over dozens and hundreds of manual operations to computers to achieve, with less manual intervention to bring higher efficiency and more stable quality.

Zou believes that new technologies such as big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and 5G communications offer endless possibilities for upgrading traditional manufacturing. The combination of these new technologies and traditional manufacturing technologies will produce a new generation of smart manufacturing technologies, which will become the core driving force of the new industrial revolution.

Transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry: Challenges and opportunities


According to Long Weimin, chief engineer of Zhengzhou Machinery Research Institute and Director of the State key laboratory of new brazing materials and technology, manufacturing is the foundation of building a country, a tool for building a country and a foundation for strengthening a country. Since the beginning of industrial civilization, the history of the rise and fall of the great powers in the world and the struggle of the Chinese nation have repeatedly shown that building an internationally competitive manufacturing industry, it is the only way to upgrade the Comprehensive National Power, safeguard national security and build a world power.


At present, the problems and challenges of China’s manufacturing industry mainly lie in the weak ability of independent innovation, the relatively weak quality foundation, the unreasonable industrial structure, the low efficiency of resource utilization, and the lack of information level. At the same time, China’s manufacturing industry also has the advantage of latecomer and the conditions of “bend overtaking” and “changing lanes overtaking “, opportunities and challenges coexist.


Long Weimin also shared his team’s experience in helping green manufacturing upgrade. The flux is the flux used in brazing. In recent years, aiming at the upgrading direction of green manufacturing industry, Long Weimin team developed the medicine core solder to achieve positioning, fixed temperature, timing, quantitative and accurate response and efficient use, large emission reduction and saving materials, so that the once heavy pollution industry to achieve clean production, and achieved considerable economic and social benefits.