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It is suggested to support the core parts industry of industrial robots


From CNC Machine Tool Market Network

“It is suggested that the state should give priority to supporting and nurturing benchmark innovative enterprises in the three core parts and components industries of industrial robots, push forward the development of the industry towards the middle and high end, and enable the technical and quality standards of products to reach or exceed the international advanced level. ” The 2020 national two sessions will be held shortly, member of the National People’s Congress, Chairman of Hunan Kelier Motor Group Co. , Ltd. is concerned about the topic of industrial robot development in China.

With the continuous development of China’s social economy, the rapid rise of manufacturing labor costs, the contradiction between supply and demand, the urgent need for enterprises to transform and upgrade, industrial robots are increasingly used in the intelligent transformation of domestic manufacturing industry. For the sixth year in a row, China is the world’s largest consumer market for industrial robots, accounting for about a third of the global market and still growing rapidly at more than 20 percent, according to the International Federation of Robotics.
“industrial robots combine cutting-edge technologies in materials, electronics, electronics, software and manufacturing, and require high investment in talent, technology and capital. They are the most representative products in the field of intelligent manufacturing and a symbol of the strength and level of national science and technology, ” Nie Pengju found in his research, compared with the developed countries such as Japan, Europe and America, China’s industrial robot industry has some bottlenecks, such as weak ability of independent innovation, lack of core talents and core technology, and medium and high-end core components are severely restricted by people.


“The core talents and key technologies of the three core components are the biggest bottleneck restricting the development of industrial robots in China. At the same time, the three core components have a high input, a long cycle and a slow effect. The threshold is relatively high. General enterprises can not be big and strong. IF THEY WANT TO UPGRADE THE R & D and manufacturing level of domestic robots, they must first upgrade the technology and quality level of the three core components, ” Nie suggested, enterprises can cooperate with institutions of higher learning and vocational schools to cultivate high-quality Industrial Talents, AND BUILD R & D centers with universities and scientific research institutes, aiming at the international frontier and the reality of Industrial Development, and jointly develop and tackle key problems.


At present, China’s robot industry has many opportunities in manufacturing, special purpose robots and other applications. With the development of the population ageing, medical robots, nursing robots and home robots will all have great breakthroughs, demand for industrial robots is expected to exceed 500,000 by 2020. “National Industry Associations and Technical Standards Associations can be set up to strengthen basic and forward-looking research on software and hardware technologies and applications, ” said Nie, adding that industrial robotics companies have developed innovative products with independent intellectual property rights, if the technology and quality can reach the level of foreign advanced benchmark enterprises, and can completely replace the high-end market, the market share of more than 10% , by the expert group assessment, the state can be no less than 5 million yuan of major special awards.