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How Japanese machine tools have reached the top of the world in just a few decades


Source: Overseas Intelligence Service

Japan is the world’s famous machine tool power, Japan’s machine tool technology in the world is almost difficult to rival, its domestic Mazak, Fanako, Dazhou, Tiantian and other brands are outstanding machine tool industry.

Japan is the third country in the world to establish machine tool industry and realize industrialization after the United States and Germany. In 1889, with the establishment of the Chibei Iron Factory, Japan began to produce the first machine tool

By now, Japan’s machine-tool industry has reached the world’s top level, with a number of top machine-tool manufacturers, such as Yamazaki Mazak (MAZAK), Tiantian Institute, Dazhou machine tools and so on. These machine tool makers hold the world’s top machine tool inventions and technologies.

In addition to having multiple manufacturers, these manufacturers have different characteristics in different fields, and the heterogeneity is strong, so that Japan in the manufacturing field, there is a great possibility to achieve “monopoly “.

Yamazaki Mazak is characterized by high speed and high precision, AMADA CO manufacturing is characterized by a reasonable mechanical structure, efficient pollution-free operation, advanced technology with simulation automation to provide users with the most simplified processing support; Okuma machine tool is characterized by good rigidity, high cutting efficiency, high precision, long life, easy operation, etc. to achieve the mechatronics engineering, can meet the needs of different types of processing.
So how did Japan do this in just a few decades?
First of all, Japan is a very good learning nation. After coming out of the feudal empire, they did not study from scratch themselves, but introduced a large number of advanced technology and equipment, including the purchase of Germany, the United States and other countries to carry out anatomical analysis of advanced machine tools, and hire foreign experts as consultants, guidance, development and production of domestic machine tools, so as to get the fastest speed to master advanced machine technology.

Not only professional technology, but also management experience. In decades of imitation, Japan has integrated its own national characteristics into industrial management and technological inventions, such a machine tool industry with a strong “Daiwa Nation” mark, very good for their own national identity. With the support of the people, there will be development prospects.

More importantly, Japan has a near-mad pursuit of technological innovation:
At present, the world’s highest precision in the field of ultra-precision machining from Japan. The AHN15-3D free-form diamond processing machine Jtket by Jettecott, Japan, is mainly used for ultra-precision turning and grinding of various optical lenses and blue lens molds.

he machine’s performance has achieved 30 nm of component formation accuracy and 1 grade ra surface roughness, only in terms of machining accuracy than the United States LLNL LODTM and DTM-3, British CUPE nearly eight times higher. Even if such ultra-high-precision machine tools are expensive to build and not widely used, Japan is still tirelessly exploring the limits of precision.

This pursuit of the ultimate and extreme machine tool industry, how can not let the world feel terrible. Not all countries can be so meticulous and extreme. And China wants to start “Chinese creation “, also need such extreme pursuit.