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Exhibition Information

SIMTOS of Machine Tool Exhibition in Seoul, Korea


Organization Cycle: Biennial
Address: Seoul, Korea – Korea International Convention and Exhibition Center
Organizer: Korean Machine Tool Manufacturers Association
Successive Area :54,000 square meters Successive Audience :100,000 Previous Exhibitors :800


Introduction to the exhibition
South Korea’s most famous and professional machine tool exhibition


Korea Machine Tool Exhibition SIMTOS is sponsored by the Korea Machine Tool Manufacturers Association, and has been strongly supported by the Ministry of Science and Technology of Korea, the Central Association of small and medium-sized enterprises, the Korea Trade and Investment Revitalization Commune, the Korea Business Conference Institute, the Korea Trade Association and other institutions. Korea Machine Tool Exhibition was founded in 1984, held every two years, has been successfully held 18 sessions, is a representative of the Korean means of production industry exhibition. SIMTOS was continuously named “Brand Exhibition” by Ministry of Knowledge Economy and “Growth Hope Exhibition” by Gyeonggi Province. South Korea brings together all key policymakers. SIMTOS as Korea’s only world – renowned machine bed exhibition, leading the development trend of the machine tool industry in the world. Has surpassed one of the traditional four machine tool exhibitions in Japan East JIMTOF Machine Bed Exhibition. In 2016, more than 800 enterprises from 33 countries and regions participated in the exhibition, and the exhibition area increased by 11.3% the exhibitors increased by 32.5%. Organizers ahead of schedule to guide visitors to avoid excessive concentration or dispersion of visitors, so during the exhibition there are more than 10,000 people to negotiate every day. The satisfaction was 86.8% and 96.1% respectively


1. As an emerging capitalist country, Korea is a founding member of the APEC、 World Trade Organization and the East Asia Summit, as well as a member of important international organizations such as OECD, the Group of Twenty and the United Nations. From January to March 2017, the import and export volume of bilateral goods between South Korea and China was $56.94 billion, up 16.8 per cent. Of these, South Korea’s exports to China amounted to $33.57 billion, an increase of 17.6 per cent, or 25.4 per cent, or 0.6 per cent, of the total, while South Korea’s imports from China amounted to $23.37 billion, an increase of 15.6 per cent, or 20.1 per cent of South Korea’s total imports, 5 percent. South Korea’s trade surplus with China was $10.2 billion, up 22.6%. As of March, China was South Korea’s largest trading partner. Li Renhao, director of the Trade and Investment Office of the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Resources of the Republic of Korea, said at the China-Northeast Asia that since the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries, China and South Korea have made a leap in political, economic and cultural development, especially the scale of trade between the two countries has increased from $6 billion at the time of the establishment of diplomatic relations to $230 billion last year, an increase of about threefold. South Korea has the best logistics conditions in northeast Asia, China’s automation equipment products in quality and price, in the international There is also a certain popularity on the Korean market prospects. Now, South Korea’s economic strength is strong, the economy has been rapidly improved, to participate in the Korean exhibition, Chinese exhibitors will be able to find great business opportunities, full return, to develop their own economy has an important role.


2.Pavilion Information

Exhibition area :100,000 square metres

Number of Exhibitors :1,130 Exhibitors

Number of viewers :98,587


3. Exhibits:

1.CAD/CAM、 measurement systems, automation and robotics: CAD/CAM、3D measuring machines, artificial intelligence machines, automation devices, linear robots, SCARA robots, joint robots, supporting equipment, robot tools and grippers, other industrial robots;

2. metal cutting machine welding: metal cutting machine: cutting machine / shearing machine, bending machine, plasma cutting machine, saw machine, laser processing machine, water jet processing machine, laser marking machine, other cutting machine, welding equipment, welding cutting machine, welding automation, welding materials, welding parts and related equipment, etc.

3. metal forming: servo press, mechanical press, hydraulic press, stamping machine, slotting machine, automatic equipment metal forming machine, metal forming machine, metal forming machine;

4. tools: cutting tools, metal parts, cutting tools, measuring tools, tools, precision instruments, grinding materials, lubrication cooling system, gear, drilling fixture, etc.

5. materials and controls: working devices, hydraulic and pneumatic components, coolers, nuts/joint/power locks, spindles, lubricants, other, cnc automatic programming systems, manufacturing systems, other controllers, materials (metals, fibres, chemicals, ceramics, plastics, fluoroplastics, others).