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Exhibition Information

Exhibition Name :2020 Czech Brenno Machine Tool Exhibition IMT


Start Time :2020-10-05
End Time :2020-10-09
Country: Czech Republic
Exhibition venue: International Exhibition Centre, Brno, Czech Republic
Organization: Hongdong Exhibition

1.Exhibition description:
Brno International Machinery Fair is the most influential industrial fair in central and Eastern Europe certified by UFI. Since it was first held in 1959, it has become one of the most famous exhibitions in Europe, covering a wide range of markets. In 2018, the exhibition attracted 1,651 exhibitors from 36 countries, 52 percent of which were foreign companies, with a net exhibition area of about 45,045 square meters and an audience of 80,937 professionals from 58 countries. The Czech Mechanical Exhibition is an important window for the European region to showcase advanced technology. Many professional conferences and forums are held during the exhibition period, providing an important platform for promoting exchanges with in the industry.

IMT machine tools topic: Metal Cutting machine tools: metal processing centers, milling machines, general lathes and automatic lathes, boring machines, sawing machines, slotting machines, broaching and planing machines, tooth-making machines, modular machines and modular components; Grinding; polishing and superfinishing machine;
Metal Forming Machine: Metal Sheet Cutting Machine and machining center; Sheet, sheet, profile shearing machine, sheet, plate bending machine bar, tube bending molding machine, press, stamping machine, stamping contouring machine, various press. CNC machine tools: CNC systems, digital display devices and machine tool appliances, machine tool parts and auxiliary equipment, Abrasive Abrasives; tools, fixtures and related products, inspection and measurement equipment. The cost of the exhibition is negotiable

3.Pavilion Information
4.Exhibition Time: October 5-9,2020

Venue: International Exhibition Centre, Brno, Czech Republic

Organization cycle: one year

Organizer: Hongdong Exhibition
Contact information :010-81505281

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