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Exhibition Information

2020 Taiwan International Machine Tool Exhibition (TMTS2020)


Exhibition Date :2020-11-10 to 2020-11-14
Exhibition City: Taichung, Taiwan
Exhibition address: Taichung International Convention and Exhibition Center
Exhibition Hall Name: Taichung International Exhibition Center
Organizer: Taiwan District Tool Machine or Component Industry Association
Organizer: Qingdao Xingye Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.

1.Exhibition description:

TMTS was founded in 2000, sponsored by the taiwan trade association of tool machines and components industry. Taichung is the manufacturing town of the global tool machines and the main consumption area of machinery and equipment. Taiwan’s tool machines and components association represents one of Taiwan’s major international competitiveness, and the industrial settlements around Taichung feed more than 300,000 people. 6th Taiwan International Machine Tool Show (TMTS) hosted by the Taiwan District Tool Machines and Components Industry Association Machine tools; metal forming machine tools; machine parts, components, accessories, fluid transmission, electronic control system and interface equipment; cutting tools, clamps, tools, measuring tools; intelligent manufacturing systems; media, services and public associations and other six special areas. The 2018 Taiwan International Machine Tool Show, hosted by the Association, has reached a record 4,002 booths in a single exhibition area, and has successfully played an important trading platform between producers and consumers in the global machine tool industry, according to the Association. A total of 738 exhibitors participated in the exhibition. During the exhibition ,84,374 visitors, including 81 visitors from Taiwan, 478, with 2,896 overseas buyers from 64 regions. Taiwan is one of the major production and consumption markets of machine tools in the world. The number of manufacturers in Taiwan’s machine tool industry is more than 1,600, and nearly 90% of them are concentrated in the Greater Taichung region. Taichung is not only a global machine tool manufacturing town, but also the main consumption area of machine tools and other mechanical equipment. Taiwan Tool Machine & Component Association actively promotes Taiwan Tool Machine industry to become global, leading Taiwan enterprises to seize global business opportunities.


Metal cutting tools: comprehensive processing machine, Lathe Center machine, five-axis processing machine, compound processing machine, drilling center machine, Gantry processing machine, five-face processing machine, lathe, milling machine, grinder, drilling machine, honing machine, Planer, cutter, saw, etc. . Metal forming tools: punching machine, shearing machine, folding machine, pipe and wire processing equipment, forging machinery. Electrical discharge machining machine, radio cutting machine, water knife processing machine, ultrasonic processing machine. All kinds of tool machine parts, accessories, tools, fixture. Fluid drive components, automatic control, industrial robots, storage and handling and peripheral equipment. Computer-aided design Computer-aided manufacturing, measuring equipment. Other metal cutting tools, forming machines, etc. .

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