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Exhibition Information

2020(22nd Session) Dalian International Machine Tool Exhibition


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Exhibition Name :2020(22nd Session) Dalian International Machine Tool Exhibition
Exhibition Date :06/08-2020-08/08-2020
Deadline :31 July 2020
Organizer: Dalian Municipal People’s Government
Organizer: Dalian Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.


Support Co-organizer: German Manufacturing Association
Indian Machine Tool Manufacturing Association
Korea Trade Revitalization Commune
Hong Kong Trade Development Council
Japan Trade Renewal Association
Finland Tools Association
Liaoning Provincial Society of Mechanical Engineering
Jilin Provincial Society of Mechanical Engineering
Heilongjiang Provincial Society of Mechanical Engineering
Dalian Mechanical and Electrical Industry Association


1.Exhibition Profile

Dalian is located in the center of Northeast Asia, with the vast northeast three provinces and the northeast region of Inner Mongolia as the hinterland. Outside, it is adjacent to South Korea, Japan, North Korea and the Far Eastern Federal District. Dalian is the locomotive of the northeast region’s economic development, dalian is the bridgehead for domestic and foreign enterprises to enter the northeast market. There are many foreign-funded enterprises in Dalian, and the demand for new technologies and new equipment is huge. With more and more local fixed assets investment and renovation projects, machine tools, tools and molds, especially in the high-grade machining equipment demand will be growing, the industry is facing huge opportunities and market.


2020 the 22nd Dalian International Machine Tool Exhibition will be held simultaneously at Dalian Xinghai Exhibition Center and Dalian World Expo Plaza from May 28 to 30. On the basis of comprehensively summarizing the experience and shortcomings of the exhibition, the Organizing Committee of the exhibition will, determined to turn the Dalian exhibition into the most influential machine tool exhibition and display platform in northern China, the organizing committee of the exhibition will, in an all-round way, increase the organization strength of the exhibition, Invest Heavily and organize meticulously, strive to Dalian international machine tool exhibition into the industry’s most large-scale, the most authoritative, the most valuable top-level industry event!


2.Exhibition area
Machine Tools: metal cutting machine tools, CNC machining centers, lathes, milling machines, grinders, boring machines, drilling machines, sawing machines, broaching machines, planing machines, carving and milling machines, tapping machines, machine tools, electrical appliances, metal processing fluids, accessories, etc. Metal forming machine tools: metal sheet cutting machine and laser cutting machine, water jet technology, punch and automatic peripheral equipment, hydraulic press, shear trigger, bending machine, stretching machine, plate bending machine, bending machine, automatic forging machine, chamfering machine, band saw machine, circular saw machine, dissolve machine, oil press, grinding machine, shot blasting machine, peripheral equipment; CNC systems, servo drives, CAD CAM PDM and other computer applications software and hardware, mechanical transmission components, pneumatic hydraulic components;
Cutting tools, measuring tools, tools: all kinds of turning tools, milling cutters, boring tools, boring heads, drill bits, grinding wheels, saw blades, thread cutting tools, indexable inserts, grinding paste, etc. All kinds of electric / manual tools and tool cabinet series, worktable and other tool accessory products.
Mold and mold manufacturing technology and equipment: EDM Machine, slow wire walking machine, wire cutting machine, marking machine, ultrasonic cleaning machine, mold closing machine, laser equipment, rapid molding equipment and other mold equipment; All kinds of die: stamping die, plastic die, die-casting die, forging die, ceramic die, wire drawing die, hard alloy die, rubber die, Die Material: Die Steel, metal plate wire, aluminum alloy material, electrode ink, electrode copper, etc. Mould Standard Parts: Mould holder, guide post, guide sleeve, stem stem, punch, fastener, spring, pouring sleeve and hot runner element, etc. . Abrasives, mould CAD professional system, all kinds of forming mould processing, mould standard parts, structural parts, etc.

3.Pavilion Information
①Sandard Booth Domestic Enterprise: 3M X3m 7600 RMB (20% charge for double-sided open booth) Foreign Enterprise: 3M X3m 3000 USD (20% charge for both sides of main aisle) Note: Standard Booth is equipped with three side panels, a lintel board, a negotiation table, two folding chairs, two spotlights and a 5A power socket limited to 300W.
②Indoor bare floor domestic enterprise: 760 yuan / M2(not less than 36 M2,20% increase on both sides of main corridor) foreign enterprise: 300 US dollars / M2(not less than 36 M2,20% increase on both sides of main corridor) Note: Booth specially decorated, the management fee of the special outfit shall be borne by the exhibitor.
◆ technical exchange meeting
3000 yuan / field (2 hours), equipped with 50-80 people theater style, matching projector, standard background board, audio, microphone, notebook computer, mineral water. Other advertisements: Please contact the Organizing Committee if necessary.
①Exhibitors are requested to fill in the application form and affix the official seal, and send or fax to Dalian Huazhan Exhibition Service Co. , Ltd. . ②The company will pay 50% of the total participation fee as deposit to the organizing committee account within one week after registration to confirm the booth and advertisement. The balance is due by April 20,2020. Booth allocation is arranged in the order of payment. ③Please contact the organizing committee for reception, accommodation, transportation of exhibits and advertisement


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