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Intelligent upgrading of manufacturing industry is the key of industrial Internet


Source: China Industrial News Network


Under the epidemic situation, promoting the development of industrial Internet will help speed up the pace of intelligent manufacturing in China and ease the downward pressure on the economy. On April 30, the 35th bi-weekly consultative forum of the 13th CPPCC National Committee was held to discuss government affairs around “speeding up the construction of industrial Internet “. The meeting pointed out that China’s economy is in a critical period of transformation of old and new kinetic energy, and speeding up the construction of industrial Internet is of great significance for the implementation of new development concepts, deepening supply-side structural reform, and promoting high-quality economic development.


The National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, Baidu CEO Robin Li attended the meeting and spoke. “An important part of advancing the industrial internet is to make manufacturing smarter, ” he said, suggesting that the epidemic could force the industry to become smarter. Robin Li suggested seizing the opportunity, taking open source and deep learning platform as the key point to build new infrastructure of intelligent manufacturing and provide basic technology support for the intelligent transformation of manufacturing enterprises.


By accelerating the transformation from “made in China” to ” Intelligent Manufacturing in China” , promoting the transformation of China’s economic development mode, promoting the adjustment of economic structure and industrial optimization and upgrading. Robin Li believes that data is the key ‘fuel’ for Smart Manufacturing to take off, and that the National Industrial Internet big data center can be relied on to guide more manufacturers to come up with these high quality, labeled big data, sharing and innovation with technology companies, on the basis of data security, can dramatically increase the level of intelligence in manufacturing.


At present, intelligent manufacturing is facing a new development opportunity. On the one hand, under the tide of new infrastructure construction, intelligent technology represented by artificial intelligence is becoming an important infrastructure of intelligent manufacturing. As a strategic technology leading a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation, the “head-goose” effect of artificial intelligence will continuously penetrate into the traditional manufacturing industry and accelerate the upgrading and transformation of the manufacturing industry, at the same time, it will also promote China’s economic transformation.


On the other hand, under the pressure of the epidemic situation, it stimulates the endogenous demand of the intelligent transformation of the manufacturing industry and accelerates the process of the traditional enterprises embracing the intelligent manufacturing. During the outbreak, some factories were unable to operate normally, but enterprises that introduced intelligent equipment like Baidu’s no-hostage inspection machine were in relatively good condition. Not only did they resume work on time, but their detection efficiency was nearly 10 times higher than before, this has prompted companies to accelerate their embrace of smart manufacturing.


Policy stimulation has accelerated the development of industrial internet and artificial intelligence, and laid a good technological foundation for intelligent manufacturing. The epidemic situation has pushed enterprises to embrace intelligent manufacturing, and provided a broad market for intelligent manufacturing while promoting industrial transformation. Under this double turning point, Baidu and other artificial intelligence platform enterprises will play a greater role in the main battlefield of intelligent manufacturing engine.