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CNC lathe once clamping, must pay attention to 6 problems!


From 158 Machine Tool Network


The machining process of NC lathe is similar to that of ordinary lathe, but because NC lathe is one-time clamping, continuous automatic machining completes all turning processes, so the following aspects should be paid attention to:


1.Reasonable Selection of Cutting Parameters

whether the selection of cutting parameters (ap、f、v) is reasonable or not plays an important role in giving full play to the machine tool potential and tool cutting performance, and achieving high quality, high yield, low cost and safe operation.

When rough car, first consider to choose a maximum back feed ap, then choose a larger feed f, finally determine a suitable cutting speed v.. To increase the amount of back cutting ap can reduce the number of walking knife, increase the feed f is conducive to chip breaking, so according to the above principles to select the cutting parameters of rough car to improve production efficiency, reduce tool consumption, reduce processing costs is beneficial.

When finishing, the machining precision and surface roughness are required to be high, and the machining allowance is not large and uniform. Therefore, when selecting the cutting parameters of finishing, we should focus on how to ensure the machining quality, and on this basis, we should try to improve the productivity as far as possible. Therefore, we should select smaller (but not too small) back feed ap and feed f, and select cutting material with high cutting performance and reasonable geometric parameters to improve cutting speed as much as possible v..


2.Reasonable Selection of Tools

1) the rough car, we should choose the high strength, good durability of the tool, in order to meet the rough car large back to eat knife, large feed requirements;

2) the finishing car, we should choose the tool with high precision and good durability to ensure the requirement of machining precision. ;

3)in order to reduce the change time and facilitate the knife, we should use the machine clip knife and machine clip blade as far as possible.


3.Reasonable Selection of Fixture

1)as far as possible the use of general fixture clamping workpiece, avoid the use of special fixture; overlap
2) part positioning datum to reduce positioning error.


4.Determination of processing routes

The machining route is the movement track and direction of the tool relative to the parts in the machining process of the exponential control machine tool:
1) should be able to ensure machining accuracy and surface roughness requirements;

2)should shorten the processing route as far as possible and reduce the time of tool empty travel.Contact between


5.processing route and machining allowance

At present, under the condition that the CNC lathe has not reached the universal use, it is generally necessary to arrange the excess allowance on the blank, especially the allowance containing forging and casting hard cortex, to be processed on the ordinary lathe. If you must use CNC lathe processing, you should pay attention to the flexible arrangement of procedures.


6.fixture installation points

At present, the connection between hydraulic chuck and hydraulic clamping cylinder is realized by pull rod. The key points of hydraulic chuck clamping are as follows: first remove the nut on the hydraulic cylinder with the handle, remove the pull pipe, and pull out from the back end of the main shaft, and then remove the chuck fixing screw with the handle to remove the chuck fixing screw.