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Back to Work War “Epidemic “| Machine Tool Industry Rework Rate of 70%


On February 23, the conference on the prevention and control of the epidemic situation and the deployment of economic and social development of Xinguan pneumonia was held in Beijing. General Secretary Xi Jinping delivered an important speech, while fully affirming the achievements, making further arrangements for the next step to promote the prevention and control of the epidemic situation and economic and social development. General Secretary Xi Jinping put forward a series of important judgments, which is the key guide to our victory over the epidemic.


Frequent policies, orderly division and promotion of enterprises to resume production


Economic society is a dynamic circulatory system that can not stop for a long time. Under the premise of ensuring the prevention and control of the epidemic situation in place, promoting enterprises and institutions in key areas of non-epidemic prevention and control to resume production and restore order of production and life is related to providing strong material protection for the prevention and control of the epidemic situation, ensuring people’s livelihood and social stability, achieving the goals of economic and social development throughout the year, building a well-off society in an all-round way and completing the 13th Five-Year Plan, and China’s opening to the outside world and world economic stability.


On February 24, the relevant responsible person of the National Development and Reform Commission introduced that at present, the rate of industrial enterprises above the national scale to resume work has gradually increased. Enterprises have made positive progress in resuming production, large enterprises have made rapid progress in resuming production relative to small and medium-sized enterprises, and upstream industries and capital-technology-intensive enterprises have made rapid progress relative to downstream industries and labor-intensive enterprises. The rate of industrial enterprises above the national scale has gradually increased, of which Zhejiang has exceeded 90%, and Jiangsu, Shandong, Fujian, Liaoning, Guangdong and Jiangxi have exceeded 70%.


On February 27, the China Machinery Industry Federation released data on about 7228 key enterprises surveyed by 18 branch industry associations, showing that the rate of resumption of work has risen from less than 30% on February 13 to about 72% on February 27(of which the average rate of workers resuming work is 74%).


In the next step, government departments will step up macro-policy adjustment efforts and continue to study the introduction of targeted tax reducti


on measures. Actively expand domestic effective demand and promote consumption compensation and potential release. At the same time, it will continue to strengthen its support to key industries and small and medium-sized enterprises, and implement policies such as tax reduction, financial services, rent reduction and post stabilization subsidies. We will comprehensively strengthen measures to stabilize employment and strive to ensure the daily protection material needs of enterprises that have resumed work and are ready to resume work.


Machine tool industry war epidemic situation, actively resume work and production


Since February 14, the China Machine Tool Industry Association has carried out statistics on the resumption of work and production in 26 affiliated member enterprises, taking the form of daily newspapers. On 14 February ,1205 enterprises were involved in statistics, with a rate of 27 per cent (57 per cent). As of 1 March ,1,357 enterprises had participated in the statistics, with a rate of 69 per cent (66 per cent).


In the process of resuming production, the machine tool industry enterprises have also been actively engaged in the fight against the epidemic situation. The Media Department of the Association has reported on the Shanghai Machine Tool Factory, Jinan Machine Tool, Ningjiang Machine Tool, Shenyang Xinsong, Guangzhou CNC, Peiping Machine Tool, Yantai Universal, Suzhou Xineng, andxing Intelligence and other machine tool enterprises in the process of resuming production.


Measures taken by enterprises to resume work


Enterprises in the process of resuming work, actively in accordance with the requirements of prevention and control to carry out various work. Such as strengthening staff health monitoring, strengthening the entry and exit personnel registration management, do a good job of cleaning and disinfection, reduce staff gathering and collective activities, strengthen collective meal management, do a good job of emergency response to emergencies and other systems, at the same time, enterprises from top to bottom overall deployment, to ensure the resumption of work and production and epidemic prevention and control.


On February 10, Qinchuan Machine Tool Group officially resumed production, Group headquarters, Baoji Machine Tool and Qinchuan Grande resumed work, the rate of resumption reached 75%,82%,92%; on February 11, Hanjiang tools, Hanjiang machine tools into the working state, the rate of resumption of work was 50%,51%; on February 12, Qinchuan Baoyi resumed work, the rate of resumption of work was 82%. Under the premise of doing a good job of epidemic prevention and control, all units of Qinchuan Group insist on doing a good job in production and operation, quickly entering the state of war readiness, and ensuring the annual target task.


On February 10th, Jinan No.2 Machine Bed Group Co., Ltd., under the premise of strict prevention and control of the epidemic situation and ensuring the health of the workers and staff, resumed work in an all-round way, started with speed, promoted all aspects of work in an orderly manner, achieved epidemic prevention and resumed work, fully reflected the responsibility and responsibility of state-owned enterprises.


February 10, Shenyang Machine Tool Group in the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic at the same time, orderly resumption of production. So far, the group of 14 operating entity units all resumed work, the number of people resumed work 1020, the first line of staff accounted for 70%.


Challenges and opportunities for enterprises to resume production


Machine tool industry is a technology-intensive, skill-intensive industry, industry upstream and downstream integration is very close. In the process of returning to work, most enterprises have encountered many difficulties, such as poor logistics, tight supply chain upstream and downstream, tight raw materials, difficult recruitment difficulties for employees to return to work, shortage of protective materials, limited after-sales service for personnel travel, tight capital chain and so on.


A machine tool private enterprise reflected in the process of rework encountered many difficulties, such as: upstream and downstream industrial chain supply tight, especially castings, lead screw, guide rail and other key parts supply is insufficient; logistics is not smooth, product delivery difficulties; production workers shortage, especially technical workers return difficulties, and so on, seriously affected the resumption of production. In addition, production and operation can not be carried out normally, and employees’ wages and other normal expenses can not be reduced, exacerbating the burden of business operation, resulting in the current enterprise capital turnover difficulties. These feedback in the industry enterprises have a certain universality, most enterprises have more or less encountered the same problem. These practical problems In front of enterprises, they try to overcome their own efforts at the same time, hope that the relevant institutions can increase the financial support for key enterprises, not draw loans, do not break loans.


The epidemic situation is both a challenge and an opportunity for industrial development. The outbreak of the epidemic has had a serious impact on industry enterprises, whether state-owned enterprises or private enterprises, but we believe that with the gradual landing of various policies and the strong organization and promotion of governments at all levels, the above difficulties will gradually ease. Restorative construction and investment after the epidemic may bring potential market demand and new opportunities for machine tool industry.