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Exhibition Information

2020 Kunshan Sixth International Machinery and Intelligent Manufacturing


1.Exhibition presentation

Exhibition Name :2020 Kunshan Sixth International Machinery and Intelligent Manufacturing

Exhibition Date :28/08-2020-30/08-2020

Exhibition Deadline :31/07-2020

Exhibitors (Exhibition Hall): Kunshan Huaqiao International Expo Center

Organizer: Kunshan Federation of Industry and Commerce

Kunshan General Chamber of Commerce

Kunshan hardware machine e-commerce business

Organizer: Shanghai Lianxun Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.

Support Co-organizer: Kunshan Economic and Technological Development Zone、 Kunshan National High-tech Zone、 Kunshan Export Processing Zone、 Kunshan Comprehensive Free Trade Zone

Kunshan Mold Industry Association、 Kunshan Plastics Industry Association Kunshan Machinery Industry Association、 Kunshan Robot Industry AssociationKunshan Mold Industry Association 、Kunshan Plastics Industry Association、 Kunshan Machinery Industry Association、 Kunshan Robot Industry Association

Industrial Background Analysis of Kunshan:
Kunshan completed GDP of more than 400 billion yuan in 2019, the general public budget revenue of 40 billion yuan ,15 consecutive years ranked first in the top 100 counties in the country, Kunshan is China’s largest gathering of Taiwan-funded enterprises at the county level. In October 1990, Shunchang Textile Co., Ltd., the first Taiwan-funded enterprise, settled in Kunshan. By February 2019, Kunshan had approved a total of 5053 Taiwan-funded projects with a total investment of US $60.735 billion, mainly distributed in four major industries, such as electronic information, precision machinery, fine chemical industry and people’s livelihood supplies contribution rate of Taiwan-funded enterprises to Kunshan’s total industrial output value reached more than 60%. Among them, the electronic information industry has taken shape has become a complete industrial chain, including mold, injection molding, parts production, whole machine assembly and other factories, since 2005, Kunshan has replaced Taiwan and become a global notebook shipping town. On February 3,2013, the State Council formally approved the establishment of Kunshan “Deepening Cross-Strait Industrial Cooperation Test Zone “, giving Kunshan an important mission to cooperate with Taiwan first. Kunshan gradually became the “first highland of Taiwan capital “. Of taiwan’s top 100 manufacturing companies ,70 have invested in kunshan. including Foxconn, Renbao, Weichuang, Zhongqiang Optoelectronics, Taibo Group, Unity Group, Cherry Blossom Kitchen, Jieant and so on. The sixth international mechanical and intelligent manufacturing exhibition in Kunshan will be held on August 28-30 at the Huaqiao International Expo Center in Kunshan. The exhibition will feature machine tool mould exhibition, industrial robot and intelligent equipment exhibition, sheet metal and laser cutting exhibition, plastic rubber industry exhibition ,3 D printing exhibition, die casting exhibition, surface treatment exhibition, artificial intelligence exhibition, AGV small auto show, lubricating oil exhibition and other ten major exhibition areas. It is estimated that 500 exhibitors ,1000 booths, with an area of 20000 square meters, will display 30000 buyers, Welcome the personnel of upstream and downstream enterprises and trade associations and research institutes of machinery manufacturing industry to attend the exhibition to participate in the event.


CNC machine tools, mold manufacturing, cutting tools, plastic rubber machinery, industrial robots, intelligent equipment, surface treatment equipment, die casting equipment, hardware tools, AGV trolley, laser welding cutting equipment, lubricating oil, etc.

3.Pavilion Information
Exhibition schedule :① Exhibitors report to the exhibition time :26-27 August 2020 ②Visitors visit the exhibition time :28-30 August 2020 ③Exhibition withdrawal time :30 August 2020 12:30 noon
Exhibitors fee :①international standard booth (3 m X3 m):6800 yuan per light land (36 m2 from rent):700 yuan / m2 ②three-phase electricity, loading and unloading charges (according to the provisions of additional charges)

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