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Exhibition Information

China International Machine Tool Equipment Exhibition 2020


6th Ningbo International Robot, Intelligent Processing Equipment and Industrial Automation Exhibition Time: July 9-12,2020

Venue: Ningbo International Convention and Exhibition Center


■ Machine Tool Equipment Exhibition Area:

Metal cutting machine tools: machining center, CNC machine, milling machine, grinder, sawing machine, drilling machine, electric machining / wire cutting and other die processing equipment, engraving machine, etc.

Metal forming machine tools: punching machine / forging machine / die casting machine / cold heading machine, hardware processing equipment;

■ Laser Processing / Sheet Metal Equipment Exhibition Area:

Laser cutting, flame / plasma cutting, all kinds of welding equipment, shearing machine, shearing machine, bending machine, pipe bending machine, etc.

■ tool/tool parts/plant equipment exhibition area:

All kinds of cutting tools, measuring tools, molds, abrasives and other machine tool peripheral and wear and tear products;

Machine tool CNC system / transmission / feed chip removal / motor / fixture and other functional components;

Handling equipment, automatic warehouse, industrial stove, heat treatment, coating / electroplating equipment; testing equipment, automatic single machine, machine tool accessories, factory logistics equipment and three-dimensional warehouse;

■ Robot/Intelligent Processing Exhibition Area:

robot and functional components / development platform / software / supporting equipment, industrial robot application solutions, AGV/ track trolley, etc.

Intelligent processing / intelligent factory equipment, automation equipment, flexible processing technology, automatic production line;

Robot accessories: sensor, gun changer, cable harness, pipe wrap, connector, encoder, lithium battery, rack, etc.

Robot application equipment: visual equipment, guide rail, laser/welding/spraying/cutting equipment;

Industrial automation: control systems (PLG、SCADA, etc.), assembly and handling systems, linear positioning systems, measurement and testing systems, sensors and actuators, machine vision technology equipment, transmission/mechanical drive systems, servo motors and inverters, electrical control systems and switchgear, wire and cable accessories, industrial automation information technology and software; intelligent measurement and control technology (nondestructive testing), material augmentation manufacturing (3 D printing);

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