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The way the rocker drill moves


When machining, the spindle box is fastened to the rocker rail by a special tightening device, while the outer column is fastened to the inner column, and the rocker arm is fastened to the outer column, and then drilling is carried out. When drilling, the drill bit is rotated while it is fed longitudinally in the form of:

(1) The main motion of the rocker drilling machine is the rotation motion of the spindle;

(2) The feed movement is the longitudinal feed of the spindle;

(3) The auxiliary movements include the vertical movement of the rocker arm along the outer column, the movement of the spindle box along the length direction of the rocker arm, and the rotary movement of the rocker arm and the outer column around the inner column together.


Electrical Drag Characteristics and Control Requirements of Rocker Arm Drilling Machine
(1) There are many moving parts in the rocker drilling machine. In order to simplify the transmission device, multiple motors are used to drive.

(2) In order to meet the requirements of various forms of processing, the rotation and feed movement of the spindle of the rocker drilling machine has a large speed regulation range, which is generally realized by the mechanical variable speed mechanism. The spindle variable speed mechanism and the feed variable speed mechanism are installed in the spindle box.

(3) The main motion and the feed motion of the rocker drilling machine are the movements of the spindle. For these two movements, a spindle motor is dragged through the spindle drive mechanism, respectively, and the feed drive mechanism realizes the rotation and feed of the spindle.

(4) The rocker arm lift motor is required to rotate forward and backward.

(5) When threading, the spindle is required to be positive and negative. The positive and negative rotation of the spindle of rocker drilling machine is generally realized by mechanical method. So the spindle motor only needs one-way rotation.

(6) The clamping and relaxation of the internal and external spindle, the clamping and relaxation of the spindle and rocker arm can be achieved by mechanical operation, electrical-mechanical devices, electrical-hydraulic or electrical-hydraulic-mechanical control methods. If the hydraulic device is used, it is equipped with a hydraulic pump motor, drag the hydraulic pump to provide pressure oil to achieve, hydraulic pump motor requirements can be positive and negative rotation, and according to the requirements of the point control.

(7) The movement of the rocker arm is carried out strictly in accordance with the procedure of loosening → moving → clamping the rocker arm. So the clamping of the rocker arm and the lifting of the rocker arm are controlled automatically.

(8) Having linkage and protection links as well as safety lighting and signal indication circuits.

(9) The cooling pump motor drives the cooling pump to provide the cooling fluid, provided that it is rotated in one direction.