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The epidemic will accelerate the transformation of China’s machine tool manufacturing industry


from China Industrial News


At the beginning of 2020, the sudden outbreak of new crown pneumonia is a severe test for all walks of life in China. From the perspective of China’s machine tool industry, the author thinks that this epidemic situation will certainly accelerate the huge transformation that has taken place in China’s machine tool manufacturing industry.


Innovation under homogeneous competition is the driving force of development

The epidemic will accelerate price shopping in machine tool manufacturing. Price war becomes inevitable, machine tool homogeneity competition will be more intense. Flow products in particular, international first and second-tier brands will also join in, market demand will be short-term because of the outbreak will have a release growth, the longer period (2~3 years) will remain low.

Innovation is the trend, but also the driving force of enterprise development. The number of patents born in China is the first in the world every year, and the Chinese people’s innovation power is also very strong, coupled with the nature of capital profit-seeking, where there is interest, will pour into capital, which will make the time window of innovation in machine tool manufacturing become shorter, such as three months, six months at most not more than a year, so homogenization is a necessity, the lack of increment can only stock game.

Innovation is always the driving force of the development of leading enterprises, the choice of innovation direction will be extremely challenging, must meet the needs of customers and meet the future industry development as the goal.


Opportunities are left to businesses that practice on the right path

The epidemic is a crisis for some machine tool manufacturers and a good opportunity for others. China has been the world’s largest machine tool consumer market for many years, this consumption scale will not be fundamentally changed because of the epidemic situation, the market size is still in China, the key is whether the individual have enough stamina, whether to maintain a steady increase in market share.

Therefore, all machine tool enterprise managers should bear in mind the two characteristics of the machine tool industry: one is the incremental characteristic, the other is the lag characteristic.

Incremental characteristics: if the overall economy does not grow much, if the products of other industries are not updated, then the machine tool industry should not fantasize about prosperity and explosive growth.

Lag characteristics: for other industries, especially the machine service industry is a barometer of the machine tool industry. That is, when the machine tool service industry moves towards cyclical decline, the machine tool industry winter will also come; when the machine tool service industry begins to warm up, the machine tool industry will surely usher in spring. Therefore, both crisis and opportunity will promote the brand concentration greatly.

When the market will be prosperous, there will be a scene, crisis will certainly have enterprises to kill a bloody road, when the competition is the enterprise’s internal work and the wisdom and determination of enterprise leaders. Crises are fighter jets for prepared businesses, and each crisis is an opportunity to change the pattern of the industry. Successful enterprises will also be consistent —— in the correct development of the road to practice, continuous practice, constantly approaching the right goal.


The Strategic Rhythm of Machine Tool Enterprises Facing Change

The author believes that this epidemic situation will change the strategic rhythm and action power of machine tool manufacturing enterprises. Machine tool manufacturing industry is a capital-intensive and talent-intensive industry, because of irresistible factors, the cash flow of machine tool manufacturing enterprises will be greatly tested. A month, two months, three months, how many machine tool manufacturers can carry over? Can we finance it? Even if it is financed, can it absorb the resulting financial costs?

Stopping a car and restarting it consumes several times more fuel than normal. How machine tool manufacturing enterprises avoid stopping operation under the influence of irresistible factors will be the subject that every manager has to face. Machine tool manufacturing enterprises will be difficult to survive, let alone develop, in the same traditional way.

Whether it is the machine tool product itself, or the delivery date, technical service, after-sales service, and even all kinds of decisions will be closely related to the survival and development of the enterprise, will quickly adapt to the needs of customers as the core concept.


Accelerating machine tool automation
The epidemic has restricted population movements and accelerated the level of machine automation. With the disappearance of the demographic dividend, the increasing cost of labor, as well as the rapid development of electronic and information technology and the reduction of costs, the epidemic will undoubtedly accelerate the market demand for automatic and intelligent machine tools, so as to get rid of the excessive dependence on labor force.

The customer’s demand for machine tool online training, on-line testing, on-line maintenance, and even on-line control will become more and more urgent; simple, practical, economical, reliable and so on will become the customer’s most satisfied demand.


It is internal work that determines the future survival of enterprises

The enterprise’s development will return to follow the law of market development, the internal foundation of the enterprise is commonly known as “internal work “.

The so-called middle and high-end products produced by the domestic machine tool manufacturing industry, CNC system, linear guide rail, ball screw, bearing, tool holder, hydraulic parts, pneumatic parts, etc., are almost identical with foreign first and second line enterprise products. Why do machine tools after assembly, whether precision or failure rate, have different degrees of gap compared with foreign first and second line brands? Even if parts processing, even the same grade of imported equipment, why domestic processing parts will still have a lot of problems? The reason is process control. Processing, parts, assembly, each link has to muddle through, the final product is a summary of these links, the results will not It’s a metaphor. The so-called loss of a thousand miles.

In fact, there is no high and low end of the machine, only complex and simple, only the quality of the difference, only powerful and missing points. As ordinary people do all the ordinary things will become extraordinary, the simple machine tool to make perfect is not simple enterprise.


The core of the decisive future of machine tool manufacturing is brand

The so-called brand is the user’s cognition, the market recognition. Only when the brand is recognized, the flow product can get the continuous order, the brand power can be promoted to the transformation power of the flow product, and the brand strength can bring the premium ability of the product.

“Promote the transformation of Chinese manufacturing to Chinese creation, Chinese speed to Chinese quality, Chinese products to Chinese brands.” These three transformations will be the goal of China’s machine tool manufacturing industry and the whole machine tool industry for a long time.

Do industry is very bitter, do machine tool manufacturing more bitter, wish all the machine tool industry peers, do not live up to their suffering, not to mention their initial heart. Only by working together can we realize China’s long-cherished wish from a manufacturing power to a manufacturing power.