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Features of car milling composite knife-type lathes


There are many types of automatic machine tools, among them, car milling composite knife-type lathes who understand the performance is relatively high, the accuracy is also very high, the noise is very low, the knife-type automatic lathe.
Today we will introduce, car milling composite knife-type lathes, relative to the traditional lathe has what advantages? First of all, we need to know that the milling compound knife-type lathe sato and traditional lathes, the applicable range is very wide, in a variety of electrical small parts can be used, especially in some more complex parts.
But compared to the traditional lathe, there are some of their own better characteristics. The car milling compound knife-type lathe has a higher accuracy in the control of dimensions.
And has the function of automatic feeding, in the process of processing, can be automatic, separatefrom the conduct, feeding, can be said to achieve, fully automated a production method, which can save a lot of manpower. The car milling compound knife-type lathe is also more productive than traditional lathes.