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Exhibition Information

Dongguan International Intelligent Factory Exhibition SIA


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Development time 2020.11.11~2020.11.14
Exhibition Industry: Industry
Cycle: one year
Address: China-Guangdong-Dongguan Modern International Exhibition Center
Opening hours :09:00-18:00
Organizer :2019 Dongguan Intelligent Factory Exhibition and Marketing Center
Area :30000 square metres Audience :20000 Exhibitors :600
1.Introduction to the Exhibition

Dongguan, as a “world factory “, has influenced all over the world, and the reform and opening up has achieved the industrial agglomeration of Dongguan, forming an industrial system and a complete industrial chain characterized by electronics, machinery, textile, clothing, hardware, furniture, paper making, toys, chemical industry, etc. “Dongguan traffic jam, global shortage “, this sentence has been widely circulated by the community. The total output value of the nine pillar industries in Guangdong Province is 308.7909 billion yuan, of which Dongguan has eight pillars, including communications equipment, computer and other electronics manufacturing, electrical machinery and instrumentation manufacturing, textile, clothing, shoes and hats manufacturing, paper and paper manufacturing, furniture manufacturing, toy manufacturing industry, food and beverage manufacturing and chemical products manufacturing. accounting for 43% of the total industrial output value of Guangdong Province, and the manufacturing industry of Dongguan City accounts for 36% of the total industry of Guangdong Province. Guangdong Province’s industry development has gradually shifted from the automobile manufacturing industry to 3C electronic manufacturing industry.
Dongguan also aims at the advanced manufacturing base and puts forward a series of long-term goals: by 2020, Dongguan will become the leading city of China’s robot industry and become an advanced manufacturing base with global influence; the output value of the robot and intelligent equipment industry will reach about 100 billion yuan, an annual increase of 30 percent; and the construction of 2~3 industrial robot industry parks and 10 industrial bases with special characteristics of intelligent equipment. Now, innovation-driven, has become a new kinetic energy for Dongguan’s development. This kinetic energy, is provoking Dongguan development beam. “Internet manufacturing “, has made Dongguan manufacturing fresh vitality. This kinetic energy is bringing Dongguan Manufacturing into new territory Spring.

Dongguan International Intelligent Factory Exhibition SIA is held by 2019 Dongguan Intelligent Factory Exhibition Marketing Center, the exhibition is once a year, the exhibition is also a very important platform for enterprises to open up the Chinese market, Dongguan International Intelligent Factory Exhibition SIA last attracted 600 exhibitors, the number of merchants reached 20000, the exhibition is held in Dongguan Modern International Exhibition Center, the exhibition area of 30000 square meters.
Attention: The exhibition is a professional B2B trade exhibition, only open to the industry, non-industry and people under the age of 18 declined to visit. no retail activities are provided on site.
Due to the needs of the exhibition organization, the organizer has the right to change and adjust the extension and location without prior notice.

2.Scope of exhibits

Production automation exhibition area: A.FA systems and devices: production automation, index meter, coupling, bearing, shaft, LM guide, automatic nozzle, clutch/brake, change/reducer, gear, ball screw, splitter, distributor, gas cylinder, compressor, control valve, actuator; B. sensor and control: sensor, encoder, counter, instrument, indicator lamp, timer, temperature/pressure gauge, flow meter, measurement test, PLC、 frequency converter, frequency converter, switch, controller, driver, numerical control, relay, temperature control equipment lamp; C. Motion Control and Robot: Servo Motor, Straight line motor, frequency converter, step motor, ac motor, gear motor, CNC controller, motion controller, robot controller, vertical multi-joint robot, bounce robot, palletizing robot, industrial robot, robot related equipment and components; D. industrial software: SCADA system, man-machine interface, automatic identification system and solution, S/W、DCS、MES、DAS、 process monitoring and control environment, touch panel, fieldbus, industrial control computer, touch screen, embedded solution, communication board, ethernet communication equipment, CAD/CAM、CIM;E. hydraulic and pneumatic components: Cylinder, compressor, pump, motor, control valve, actuator, industrial pneumatic valve, vacuum system, nozzle; F. logistics automation system: transfer machine, automatic door, lift, hoist, chain, conveyor belt, roller, cable support, vacuum adsorption transfer system, SCM、ERP、 bar code system, printer, bar code scanner, terminal, industrial PDA、RFID、DPS、POS, etc.

Industrial robot exhibition area: industrial robot complete machine: welding robot / spray robot / handling robot / assembly robot / AGV trolley / truss robot / cooperative robot / other industrial robot etc.
System integration application: robot integrated application scheme / robot workstation / intelligent production line etc.
Core components: controller / reducer / servo motor / detection equipment / welding and cutting equipment / spraying equipment / handling equipment / special wire and cable / sensor / related software etc.